Monday, January 18, 2010

Anawangin Beach Cove (where Baguio meets Boracay)

Do you want to escape from the hassle city life for a day or two? Do you want to chill out in a white beach of Boracay and watch the sunset or sing around a campfire? Or you’d rather go to Baguio and inhale the scent of pine trees and enjoy the sight of evergreen mountains? Why choose one if you can have both? Let’s go to Anawangin!

The Beach Cove

The place is breathtakingly beautiful.

Instead of the usual coconut trees that you can find in other beaches, what you can see in Anawangin are tall, majestic, symmetrical pine trees that lined the shore which contrast satisfactorily with the off-white colored sand.

A forest and a creek that flows out to the sea can also be find in the cove. You may try crossing the creek through the forest and find the man-made labyrinth waterfalls. During summer the creek dries up into a shallow pond.

Two beach cliffs are also bounding the beach; you can hike up and enjoy the view of the cove. The mountains around the bay with a varying shades of green, black and brown provides an impressive view.

What to Expect

1.)You’ll be back to the basic and simplicity of life. There is no mobile network signal available in the cove. There’s also no electricity.

2.)You have to bring your own tent (or rent Php300-600) to be able to get a decent sleep. Don’t expect hotel/inns in the island.

3.)Bring your own potable cooking utilities and food because there are no available eateries in the place. There’s a store selling stuff there, but it’s recommended that you bring the things you need since the store is selling stuffs for twice its original price (e.g. pack of cigarette Php60, Matador lapad Php120).

4.)Bring lots of drinking water. The only source of water is two water pumps, which is not safe.

5.)There are no modern facilities in Anawangin. There are only a couple of toilets in the area.

Getting There

Take Victory Liner Bus (Php200-250) (Iba, Zambales) from Cubao station. Manila to Anawangin will approximately take 6 hours. The jump off point is in the town of San Antonio. From there take a tricycle (Php25) to Brgy. Pundaquit. Upon arriving at San Antonio you can hire a boat at Pundaquit that will take you to Anawangin for roughly 30mins. The boat rental ranges from Php600 - Php800; that includes bringing you to Anawangin and picking you up. If you prefer to explore the place you can hire someone to guide you through the mountain to Anawangin. Once there, caretakers will asked for Php100 entrance fee from each person.

Before going home you can arrange side trips with your boatman and check Capones and Camara islands. If you decided to go on island hopping the boatman may ask for additional charges(we added Php50 each). Capones Island is known for its centuries-old Spanish lighthouse while Camara Island is a rock climbing destination.

(Photo courtesy of Dyan Esparaguera and Joshue Medina)

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