Sunday, January 24, 2010

Capones Island

Capones Island is a real jewel of Zambales.

There’s no any infrastructure in the area, thus you will better enjoy the magnificent view of the island surrounded by azure waters. I hope it will stay this way.

Punta Capones, or Capones Island Lighthouse

A century old Spanish lighthouse went into operation in 1890.

The actual lighthouse tower is 15.3m high, around 50m above sea level. The views from up here are spectacular.

If you visit Capones Island make the effort of climbing the lighthouse. It is a bit of a tramp from the beach, you’ll be tired and get wet but I assure you it’s all worth it.


  1. Capones Island is so beautiful but over exploited. Too many garbage around. i hope the government will do something about it.

  2. @Pinoy Adventurista:

    same sentiments :(
    Thanks for dropping by...


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