Thursday, March 11, 2010

TRAVEL FILLER: Tanjung Aru Beach


Twenty minutes walk from Kota Kinabalu airport is a place where I experienced one of the most spectacular sunsets – in the shore of Tanjung Aru Beach!  The beach takes its name from the casuarinas or ‘aru’ trees that tassels the long stretch of its sand.

This place is particularly popular among locals especially during weekends to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Tanjung Aru Beach Park (formerly known as Prince Philip Park) is a perfect ground for kids to stroll and play. Various food stalls, open-air sea food restaurants and beachside cafes are located in the area open until late at night ideal for get-together and bonding activities
Indeed a great place to relax while enjoying the scenic view and breezy atmosphere.

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