Saturday, March 20, 2010

White Beach - Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is one of the country’s most developed beach resorts located in the province of Oriental Mindoro.  Among its 32 beaches White Beach is said to be the most popular among tourists.

Last weekend, I joined my friends and spent three days and two nights in the well known island and here’s what I can say…
Things I Enjoyed
  1. It is a cheap alternative to Boracay. Just several hours away from Metro Manila (5 hours bus ride from Cubao to Batangas Pier and 1 ½ boat ride from pier to the island)
  2. The beachfront restaurants and open-air bars with perky "gay dancers" makes the night more entertaining and enjoyable.
  3. The  Puerto Galera’s trademark concoction, "Mindoro Sling". They said a night in Puerto Galera without Mindoro sling is incomplete.  It is cherry red cocktail with a slice of apples. It is mixture of mango juice, rhum, orange juice, and grenadine syrup with fizz of sprite. 
  4. The sunset and crystal clear water!
 Things I didn’t Like
  1. Foods can be expensive. What we did to save is buy raw foods from the nearest market and cook it.
  2. The island is a bit crowded. Personally, I think it’s too way small to accommodate the hundreds or even thousands of  tourists spending their vacation. Having visited Boracay first before Puerto Galera, I feel a bit disappointed when I reach Galera island.
  3. I personally don’t like this particular local boatman who doesn’t care about his environment. When asked where the trash bin was; he volunteered to get my friend’s trash and wildly threw it to the water. It’s sad and disgusting that a local specifically a boatman would act that way in front of tourists.
My Expenses

Cubao Terminal to Batangas Pier = Php275.00 x 2
Batangas Pier to White Beach  = Php200.00 x 2
Environmental Fee Php50.00 and Terminal Fee Php10.00   = Php60.00
Accomodation – Phep2500.00 for 3D and 2N / 4 pax =  Php625.00

Note: expect the prices to be doubled even tripled during peak season
I would like to thank Christian Florida for finding the best inn to stay.


  1. thanks, special mention pa ang name ko... lol...

  2. thanks for making it possible :-)

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