Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wakeboarding at CWC

photo courtesy of Ritche Merjilla Asagra

Wakeboarding is one of the emerging sports in the Philippines.  As such after surfing, I then decided to try wakeboarding this time at Camsur Watersport Complex (CWC).
Currently the most popular watersport site in the country; CWC boasts state-of-the-art six point cable ski system sprawling in six hectare land that is sure to draw top level tournaments. This place has become the Philippines’ and Asia’s most prominent site of vastly growing water sports. And to prove that CWC is indeed a world class wakeboarding site, it hosted the 2008 World Wakeboarding Championships and 2009 World’s Ultimate Wake Championships.
Located at the Provincial Capitol Complex of Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur, CWC is a five-minute drive from the Naga International Airport and thirty minutes away from Naga Bus Terminal.

The Price

I can say it’s the worlds cheapest! For just over Php750.00 you can wakeboard unlimitedly for the entire day. The price is inclusive of basic tutorials and the equipment. You check on their site for updated rates. 

How to get There

A plane takes only 45 minutes to Naga airport. From the airport you have an option to walk (15minutes) to the highway or a 3-5 minutes pedicab /tricycle ride (Php20.00).  From the highway you may either take a bus (Php11.00) or a jeep (Php7.00) to the Capitol, Cadlan Pili and another 15-20 minutes pedicab /tricycle ride (Php20.00) to CWC.

If you’re taking a bus from Metro Manila, travel time is around 8-9 hours. Ask the conductor if they’re passing through Pili, if yes you may take off at Capitol, Cadlan Pili and take a 15-20 minutes pedicab /tricycle ride (Php20.00) to CWC. If you’re bus is only until Naga, take off at Naga Bus Terminal it’s beside SM Naga and take a jeep or bus to , Cadlan Pili. Another 15-20 minutes pedicab /tricycle ride (Php20.00) to CWC.

What to Expect

Don’t expect too much. The CWC in TV and in pictures are way too beautiful than the real one. It’s a manmade lake with stagnant water; as such expect the water to be murky with a putrid scent due to clay and sediments. But then again, it’s the world’s cheapest wakeboarding site. It is worth a try. 

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  1. 750 isn't bad at all for an entire day! Definitely a lot cheaper than some of those wakeboarding holidays in Thailand, although those holidays are definitely worth the cost.


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