Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bohol Python - Prony

Twelve kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, eastern part of Bohol in the town of Alburquerque (Albur for short) can be found the biggest and longest python in captivity in the island of Bohol. Captured in October 21, 1996 Prony, the once 5kg and 5ft long snake is now on its enormous size and has known to people as “Live Anaconda of Bohol.” She’s now around 27 feet and over 300 kg or 660 lbs!

Prony got her name from her owner Sofronio (Fronio). The other owners are Eugenio (Egin) and Georgia (Jing-jing). This star of Albur devours two young live goats or a 60kg live white colored pig (yes, her foods should be live else she won’t eat them) once a month. 

For an entrance fee of Php10.00 you’ll have a chance to see Prony, and if you are lucky and brave enough you’ll get a chance to share her cage and touch her.  Since Jing ‘the Python Lady’ was not there when we visited Prony, we failed to get a chance of entering her cage and have a skin-to-skin contact with her.  She was also on the stage of changing her skin the time we visited, thus she’s just stuck at the corner  of her cage immobile.

Additional Attractions

I kissed his hand and he's teary-eyed when I said goodbye

Salibay family who owns Prony is raising additional animals to materialize their dream of building their own zoo. 

According to some friends who visited Prony, aside from the giant snake, monkey and birds one more attraction in the area is an entertainer named Maricar who’s really good in impersonation and lip sync and won't fail to give a good laugh. Too bad, we didn’t have a chance to meet her.

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