Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bohol's Man-Made Forest

Be sure to pass this Boholanos' proud heritage on your way to Carmen and Chocolate hills. Traverse the "Tina-i sa Manok" trail and pass by the Mahogany Forest!

Located in Loboc-Bilar, this forest is a manifestation of Boholanos love for the environment. It was a project conjured up by their former Governor Lino Chatto in 1960’s wherein he gathers all volunteers and together they planted Mahogany trees. Our guide said that this man-made forest of mahogany trees stretches for more than 2 kilometers vegetated from around 900 hectares of lucid land.

Ask your service to stop on the side for a while so you can get some photos of the splendid forest and take a breath of fresh air. The temperature in this forest area is notable. Since me and my friend rented a motorcycle in our nature trips, we were able to see the best veneer of this amazing fruit of Boholanos’ labor. 

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