Friday, October 22, 2010

Hinagdanan Cave

photo credit:   Juha Vuonnala   

With a minimal entrance fee of Php15.00, this attraction maintained by the provincial government of Bohol is located at Bingag, Dauis Panglao. Compared to the caves I visited before this one is a small, single chamber cave. It can accommodate only around 20-30 people. Hinagdanan got its name from its steps (hagdan) which is the way down to the cave.  


Aside from different rock formations this cave also serves as the sanctuary for balinsasayaw (Collacalia fuciphaga) birds. The nests of these birds are found in the crevices and are the main ingredient of the health enhancing bird's nest or nido soup. (Trivia: A kilo of a balinsasayaw's saliva which they use in creating their nests reaches up to Php25, 000.00 to Php200, 000.00 or USD5, 000.00 source: Balinsasayaws of Palawan)


It is so tempting to take a dip into the cave’s natural underground swimming pool of very cool spring but the ten feet depth with birds and bat’s dung hindered us to do so. I won’t recommend people to take a bath on the cave’s pond either since diseases due to bacteria can be acquired in still waters.  It’s also unfortunate that some of the rock formations have been vandalized and other surfaces were blotched with graffiti.  

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