Monday, November 29, 2010

Calaguas with Trippers

She was my mentor. She taught me the ‘baby-steps’ (small, defined steps) when climbing so as not to feel tired and pressured during the trek. My interest in mountaineering was intensified when I met her. She’s such a strong, sweet kind girl. I respect her dearly. She’s Patty Tarape and it’s her birthday!

I cancelled everything to join her beach bumming birthday celebration with Trippers! Trippers by the way started from a posse of travelers to now an organization with almost 3,000 members. Patty is one of the foundations of the group. She and a special friend Macnamara Velasquez were some of the people behind the success of the said organization. Trippers was already featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Sports37. With them are Janine Beraquit, Aldwin Manaig, Daphne Sy, Cyril Quinto, Laren Dela Fuente and Markey Markey. Too lucky I am that I’ve been part of Trippers first activities making me proud to be part of the family. Now Trippers is organizing events and tours that meet common populace budget requirements, giving everybody fair opportunity to discover the beauty of Mother Nature.

Patty dear, blowing her many 'cakes'  
The Surprise

For a budget of Php3000 per person, Janine organized the 2D1N tour. We picked Patty from Cubao blindfolded. She didn’t know where we were heading neither whom was she spending her birthday with. The initial plan was to knock her out with sleeping pills so she’ll be surprised when she woke up, but havin allergies, blindfolding her was the only reasonable resort available. We travelled without talking (she might recognize our voice) until we reached Alabang and we can take it no more! Then the group decided to break the silence. We sang her ‘Happy Birthday’ light the candle and puff! told her we’re heading to Calaguas! (I don’t think details are needed - please do some imaginations buddy)

The Trip

We left Manila 2 a.m. and reached Paracale 10:30 a.m. Yes the trip is quite an effort. If there’s a promo flight, I suggest you take a plane from Manila to Naga, then Naga to Daet (jump-off point to Calaguas Islands). From Daet you can go to Brgy. Tolobatib in Labo and then ride another bus to Paracale town proper. That will cut the travel time to just roughly 3 hours instead of almost 9!

But since we have rented our own van service (good thing we don’t have to transfer from one vehicle to another) we went directly to Paracale Fishport where a boat that will take us to one of the islands was waiting.

The boat trip took us another 2hours rough ride! According to the boatman the best time to visit Calaguas is around July to September when it’s not typhoon season since the Pacific Ocean can considerably be rough. True enough we were tormented by heavy waves on our way home.

* I asked around if there’s an alternative way to Calaguas. Someone said that through the river of Vinzons is more exciting. Take a tricycle to Vinzons from Daet. From Vinzons, take another tricycle to the river. I can’t provide enough information about this so I suggest you take the first two options above. (Should you take this, I’ll appreciate shared information.) J

Calaguas at Last!

Oh such a beautiful place! The so so number of hours travelling was all worth it! Powdery white sand beach, crystal clear waters, beautiful and serene place with unspoiled natural resources. Let the pictures justify the place itself.

picture of beauty and serenity

kiss of sunset
clear water and white sand - best for snorkeling, diving/ skin diving

Things to Remember

Calaguas is an isolated beach, no commercial establishments. There are bare cottages (just roofs no walls) which aren't good enough to spend the night on. Thus it's a must to bring a tent. Also bring enough food and drinking water unless you're planning to play like Tom Hanks in the movie "Castaway". 

one unforgettable night by the shore under stars
Twisted Thought (a not so important thing, but I'm putting it regardless co'z I might lose sleep over it)

I just want to stress how secluded Calaguas is through this pic
Need I say more?
photo credits:
Darlene Daphne Sy

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