Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Climb, Trek, Rappelling at Buruwisan Falls (Mt. Romelo)

abseiling experience
One day, I received a message from one of my blog followers asking if he can join me in one of my trips and adventures. Compelled by the value of social responsibility as a blogger I decided to tag him along in one of my weekend escapades. And on October 16, 2010; I met Ken Ybarola and together we joined another two-day climb and rappelling activity with YabagMc.
Compared to my first rappelling experience in Laiban this one was more exciting because we climbed a mountain, camped at the river and abseiled in a falls! It’s a full packed adventure for a registration fee of just Php800.00! The fee includes: transportation, rappel gear rental and lessons, cottage, entrance, guides and local fees.


muffled waterfalls
Buruwisan Falls located in Mt. Romelo (popularly known as Mt. Famy) Sinoloan Laguna is one of several falls located in Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. I don’t know exactly how many falls are there in Sierra Madre (some says three other says five), but they said Buruwisan is the most popular because of its accessibility.
Before reaching Buruwisan falls however, you have to experience an hour or two of a challenging but rather exciting hike through verdant forest and muddy trails of Mt. Romelo (300masl) from Brgy. Macatad. If you’re a kind of person who enjoys physical activity, the climb will sure be fun as you descend the mountain with scenic view of grasslands and terrains. Everyone also have an option of renting a horse for Php200.00 to carry their luggage so as to make the climb easier.
Buruwisan Falls
At almost 180ft drop, Buruwisan falls; aside from its majestic picture is also ideal for rappelling and photography. It descends into a cool and clear pool of water perfect for bathing. The idyllic scene of vines and moss that grows around the falls challenges the noise the created by the rushing waterfalls.

How to get there
From Shaw, it took us roughly 3 hours drive via rented jeepney to reach Brgy. Macatad, which is the jump off for the climb.

For those who are commuting I found this from Google:

·         You can take a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna via Rizal Province route to Sinoloan, Laguna. (JAM and HM transit terminal in Cubao, Gil Puyat station or Buendia)
·         From Sta. Cruz you can take a jeep or a tricycle to poblacion and tell the driver to drop you off to the terminal going to Sinoloan.
The campsite is just beside a promptly flowing river on top of one of the largest falls of Sierra Madre- Buruwisan. There are cottages, toilets and sari-sari stores located in the area so pack light and just bring necessaries. There are no network signals, no shelter and no electricity on the campsite.

Treasured Memories

the sweepers
Ken, a friend I initially met online
with new Yabag and new friends at Lanzones Falls (10-15 mins trek from Buruwisan)

I’m back to the city, but the friendship I found in this activity has a way of bringing smile to my face. 


  1. Hi,

    wow, you've been joining yabag activities for few times...i do hope i could meet and greet you in one of activities of yabag....
    and also i really enjoyes reading your stories...

    lakwatserong tatay (brian)

  2. hi Brian

    Gee, Thanks!

    Hope to meet you as well in one of Yabag's activities or even in one of some just random situations.

    Were you there last weekend, they (Yabag) had Rapelling/beach bummin in Borawan (Padre Burgos). Too bad I failed to join 'em

    Keep in touch ;-)

  3. Hi,

    Actually its been a while since the last time to join 'em on their activities the last invite that ive join 'em, i think it was rapelling at old pnr bridge @ laguna, but i was part of the 1st group that conquered padre burgos adventure....hehehe...maganda dun...specially the rapelling experience...the best...hehehe...
    I hope you join could join them next time..

    Maybe next time i'll invite in one of our climbs together with my outdoor org.
    Actually 2 weeks ago i've posted an invite regarding the climb of our group.

    I hope you could join us next time. ;-)

    I hope also you could add me in your blogrolls...can i add your blog in my blogrolls too?


  4. wow, cool facts!

    all requests taken into consideration. :D

    I followed your blog, I don't have blogrolls, I'll be glad to add your blog to it if I have one hahaha. Hmmm, how do you do that?

    I'll tag some friends along for a possible climb invitation from your group :)

  5. i've been seeing invites of yabag for certain activities and sadly i haven't joined any. nice site you got here, picked it up from magalawa island's fb page. nice writing too! keep 'em coming.


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