Monday, December 20, 2010

Cabongaoan Beach

One weekend after attending my goddaughter’s first birthday celebration in Infanta Pangasinan, we decided to spend two more days exploring what else the province could offer. Pangasinan is famous for its hundred islands in Alaminos, we considered going there, but our budget is limited. The place is already commercialized thus foods, transpo and transient can be expensive. Besides we enjoy more visiting unexplored places and seize roads untaken.

After the birthday celebration we asked around and according to locals there are a lot of beautiful beaches in Burgos. So off we went. An hour ride from Infanta we reached Burgos market. From there we bought necessary stuffs we needed for two days. Our initial plan was to go to Balumbong Beach which is more known, but the barbeque vendor suggested we go to Cabongaoan Beach instead (Cabongaoan Beach is located in Brgy. Ilio-ilio, Sitio Cabongaoan Burgos Pangasinan). With a little hesitation we rented a tricycle and we went to the suggested place. After an hour of rough road ride we reached Cabongaoan at last. And upon seeing the beach we were flabbergasted on how beautiful it was. We’re the only intruders, and that didn't surprise us. Indeed, this beach is not yet explored. My lips formed a silent smile of pride and victory.

What’s so special about this beach is the sand. It isn’t as fine as that in Boracay, but it’s comparable in beauty. The sand looks and feels like sesame seeds! Yah, even me was amazed by it.

Before going home I had a moment with the locals. According to the Bantay Dagat; locals and a handful of tourist flock here during summer. I noticed a resort nearby, but since the beach location is quite a challenge, the owner failed to develop it. They asked me if there’s a way I could promote their beach, this beautiful beach. Oh man, it’s an honor! I promised to write about it and maybe for the first time I’ll organize a tour so people could visit this place and enjoy its beauty the way we did while it’s still pure. They shared to me their thoughts and their concerns and what saddened me is the fact that the big houses along the rocky bumpy road on the way to this Burgos jewel belong to foreigners mostly Europeans instead of my fellow Filipinos. This is an unbridled fact that the road we Filipinos haven’t traveled was already conquered by foreigners; beautiful places that originally belonged to us were now under foreign jurisdiction long before we even know about it. That’s the primary concern of Kgwd. Luis Romero Jr.; that he doesn’t want to promote this beautiful place because it’s not the locals who’ll benefit from it but the outsiders who now own most portion of the land.
I would like to thank the following:

1.       Jim Bryan Ilarde - This travel was so fun because of you. Thanks for the tent and for keeping me company.
2.       Kuya Jesie -  for the food when we ran out of supply and for bringing us to Cabacungan, Subol, Balumbong and Tambobong (places will be discussed next time)
3.       Bantay Dagat (headed by Omie Romero Sr.) – for guarding us the whole night of stay and for the support as well when we’re running out of supplies. Kgwd. Luis Romero
4.       Mr. Absa - for offering your house on our next visit. So sweet of you J
5.       Kgwd. Luis Romero Jr. – for sharing your thoughts with me. I’ll do my best to be responsible in promoting your beloved beach.
6.       Kuya Willy and Kuya Jumar - for assisting me to coordinate with the resort’s owner for a possible group trip.

On our way home, I developed a plan in mind, a beautiful place like this should be seen, should be discovered, and should be shared. A stunning scene like this shouldn’t be taken for granted. When I reached home I searched google if there are existing blogs about Cabongaoan and to my surprise aside from some couple of photos in flicker there’s none! Thus I am taking the pride of being the first to write about Cabongaoan Beach.  Is it too much if I will also take the bragging rights to be part of first few people who’ve been to this beach?  


  1. wow! i never heard about this beach before... but after reading your post, i will sure put this on my to-do list this year... thank you for sharing this to us...

  2. @Pinoy Adventurista
    You'll sure enjoy it. I organized a trip to the said place and participants were so elated.

    Look for Kuya Willy and Jumar of Bantay Dagat. Ask help from 'em if needed. Don't hesitate to keep in touch should you have some queries ;-) - Missy

  3. been there last year. you will not regret it really.

  4. Hi!im planning to go there w/ my friends...pano pala papunta?and may nearby ba na inns or kelngn may dala na tent?

  5. Hello Ish, the place is kinda difficult to find because it is very secluded. Travel time is not a joke From Manila take a bus bound to Pangasinan. Make sure it will pass by Burgos (some buses don't)From Burgos Market rent a tricycle to Cabongaoan it's the only way. If you have your own service you can ask around and take directions from locals

    1. i see..thank you! uhmm,san pala pwede mag stay dun/overnight? ;)

    2. Tent po. There are no amenities in the area, no nothing. It can be very hot din pala during the day kaya it's best to be there after lunch or late afternoon.

  6. were heading to cabongaoan, tambobong, and other places in dasol on 26-27 may 2012. see the fb event page...


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