Monday, November 1, 2010

Chocolate Hills (Carmen)

This is the most famous attraction of Bohol consisting of a terrain of thousand mounds covered by green grass that turns brown during dry season thus called the chocolate hills.

The landscape has an air of mystery. If you’re someone like me with inquisitive mind, who question everything; for sure well zeroed out to the query on how these hills were formed. In shape and altitude they were very uniform. I abandoned the idea of answering the complexities on how these stacks of land were structured, I settle to the theory of two giants who fought for days throwing sands and stones at each other.   

Since this is Bohol’s main attraction, it’s easy to find your way here. Tourist guides and tour operators and just a ring away. We got here riding the “habal-habal”. You can also go here on your own from Tagbilaran by riding a bus going to Carmen in Dao terminal.  Just tell the driver or the conductor that you’re going to the Chocolate Hills. You’ll be drop off at Chocolate Hills complex; it’s before the town of Carmen. From there, take a winding road trek up to the complex.

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