Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 600-year-old Balete Tree

After our initial visit at Baler, province of Aurora last January, we decided to explore more of the province hidden treasure by organizing a trip with my friends. This time we made sure to visit the well-known 600 year old Balete tree that we failed to visit last time.

The Millennium Tree of the Philippines 

Located at the humble barangay of Quirino is the Balete Park in Maria Aurora that boasts the largest and oldest balete tree in Asia.  This majestic and gigantic tree was designated as the official "Millennium Tree" of our country Philippines.

can you see the fairy atop the 600-year-old tree?
The enormous roots of this centuries-old tree have grown so big and high forming ‘cave-like’ opening with different sections and hallows. They said the massive trunk of this balete tree would take about 60 adult men, holding one another at arm’s length to encircle it.

Al inside the Balete trunk
Since I was a kid, balete tree never fails to fascinate me. They said this kind of plant is the home of underground creepy creatures and monsters. When I saw this balete tree in Aurora, I was overwhelmed with fascination. The trees grandness, the largeness is really amazing!

Missy and her moment with the gigantic tree
The Millennium Tree is the main attraction of the Balete Park. I noticed though that the park is somewhat neglected. The place looks less of a balete park. In fact I didn’t notice other trees in the area aside from the huge Millennium tree, or maybe I was really unmindful of the surrounding because I was flabbergasted by the old giant balete tree. But I noticed the broken fence, graffiti, and dried leaves and trashes scattered around the area. I hope the local government will do something about this.

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