Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fairy Party at Ditumabo Falls

the Ditumabo Falls from afar, meters away from the "spray zone"
 photo courtesy of Kish 
I organized the trip to Baler as a present for Mary Rose on her birthday. She’s the daughter of my travel friends Michael and Ruth Cole, who always join her parent’s outdoor activities making her the youngest traveler I met in my journeys. And to make her birthday celebration especial, I organized not just a trip but a fairy-inspired birthday party in a waterfall!

We celebrated her birthday in one of the key attractions in Baler Aurora – the Ditumabo Falls! According to locals this is the biggest falls in Aurora, and that is the reason why it was called the mother falls. The enchanting view of this more than a hundred feet waterfall forming a wide deep catch basin folded in between cliffs is so magnificent.

fairies at work
Rose the birthday celebrant is the one at the upper right in blue shirt
the fairies of the "Mother Falls"
photo courtesy of Al Jismuno
unforgettable moment 
I looked at the mother falls in admiration. It is so powerful that even I am several meters away; I can feel the water thundering as it falls from the cliff to the basin. I wondered where the water that gushes endlessly is coming from.

It not necessary to dip in the falls’ basin for even if you just stand there you will surely get wet. There is a “spray zone” in the area that it seems like it’s raining. Despite the dam constructed around the falls perimeter for the hydroelectric power plan, the splendor of Ditumabo falls is still unforgettable.
How to get there:

If you’re coming from Metro Manila and wants the see this falls before surfing, ask the driver to drop you at Brgy. Ditumabo, San Luis Aurora; the town before Baler. From the dirt road you may ride a tricycle to the first river crossing. From this point it is around 30 minutes walk to the falls with three more river crossings. The trek alone to the falls is already a pleasure; the river crossing is fun and exciting. Just be careful though since the water current can sometimes be strong that you need extra care and strength to make sure you will not be drag by the water. Along the way you have to climb over slippery boulders, so make sure you are wearing proper trekking shoes or sandals.

trekking and river crossing
 You will pass by the house of the caretaker and from there you can ask for a guide for a small amount of donation. If no guide is available, just follow the water pipe that will surely lead you to the falls.


  1. this is interesting as well! great post!..

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  3. Thank you Darren, but don't expect too much, the last time my friend went back to Baler she said Mother Falls changed a lot. It was commercialized and somehow lost its "magic" :(


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