Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Blue Water Falls and Cave – the place so dear!

the cave and the blue lagoon
Located in Sta. Margarita/Pallagao in Baggao Province of Cagayan is one of the places I visited that amazes me. The Blue Water Falls and Cave gives me an unexplained feeling of excitement and admiration. I was dumbfounded by its majesty and beauty.

The Experience

From Tuguegarao City where we stayed, we took a 2 hour van ride to Baggao. We were delayed in leaving the city, since I have to wait for the bank to open to pay my credit card bills which was due that day. We left Tuguegarao without taking our lunch thinking that we can grab some bite along the way. Good thing I brought slice bread with us, since we found neither cafeteria nor food chain anywhere. One good thing too, we left the map in our hotel. Very gooood!

We reached Baggao past 2PM. Afraid of being left by the last trip we asked the driver when is the last trip way back Tuguegarao. And we were surprised by the reply. He said “Eto na po ang last trip, wala ng babalik dun.” (This is the last trip; no more vehicles will go back to Tuguegarao). So if ever you plan to go there and visit Baggao, keep in mind that the last trip in only until 2PM.

Having left with no choice but to stay we just decided to do what we meant to do why we visited the place in the first place - to see The Blue Water Falls and Cave. We rode a tricycle from Baggao to Dapir then rented another tricycle (the tougher one, being used in transporting logs) to the caves jump off. We asked the locals how long the trekking will be. They answered “Malapit lang. Mga 30 minutes.” (It’s just near. Around 30 minutes) Turned out it is almost 3-4km trek with river crossing for more than an hour!

cornfield - a common view in Cagayan
 river to cross before reaching the cave and waterfalls
 The Blue Water Falls and Cave

the cave in its majesty
sea lion? Nah. These are stalactites at the cave's entrance
the gushing water from the cave way down the mountain

This place is indeed worth visiting…

J Lesson Learned J
  1. Never ever remove your map from your bag.
  2. Make sure to have food and water with you when traveling. Make it ALWAYS.
  3. Be familiar with the trip schedules.
  4. Do not just believe locals when they say “malapit lang” (It’s just near)
  5.  In case of doubt, send sms to your family and friends, so they know where to find you, in case the sky strikes.
Two-Cents Worth of Thought

communing with Mother Nature

Whenever I look at the pictures I got of this place I still can’t get over with the amazement. I am kind of hesitant to write about The Blue Water Falls and Cave with the fear that people might flock to the area and eventually destroy this place which so dear to me, but as a traveler I would like to share to others the beauty of nature that I witnessed. I just hope that the government of Baggao can preserve this natures’ wonder.

One thing I am sure of. I will go back to this place to finally enter and explore the cave. Yes, we failed to enter the cave because it was a challenge to go against the water flow. We also didn’t have an idea on how deep the water was nor how safe it is inside the cave. We saw three skins of snake just at the cave’s entrance. 

Projected Expenses
  1. Van from Tuguegarao to Baggao – P100/head
  2. Tricycle from Baggao to Dapir – P30/head
  3.  Rented tricycle from Dapir to jump off - P500
  4.  Rented tricycle from Dapir to San Jose – P600
  5. Room rented in San Jose – P400
  6.  Dinner (the only mean we had for the day) – P200
We went back to Tuguegarao with only P60 left. We could have saved P1000 (4 and 5) if only we had been more cautious.

But this trip! This is a trip of fun and adventure I will treasure forever!


  1. Pupunta kame dyan sa 31! Astig! Nag-overnight ba kayo sa Baggao? Thank you!

    1. Hi Joseph, di po kami nag overnight sa Baggao because there was no place to stay. Nag rent kami ng trysicle to San Jose, tapos nag rent kami ng room sa transient house that cost Php400.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. We also went here in Nov 2014. Here is our story:

  3. hi! how long are are tricycle rides from baggao to dapir to jump off?


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