Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Callao Caves and its Neighboring Caves

Located in the town of Penablanca, more than 30 minutes ride from Tuguegarao city is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the province of Cagayan - Callao Cave.

the chapel
This cave has seven chambers. The Aviary Room, Divine Room, Ice Cream Room, and Jungle Room are the only rooms I can remember. Our guide Willy is really good, it’s just that I ain’t paying much attention since I was so engrossed looking at the rock formations. One thing I remember is that the divine room is the second chamber that has a natural cathedral that was turned into chapel. The second chamber is the main attraction of the cave and that is also the reason why the cave is prominent.

The seven chambers cater different rock formations – column, skeleton, turtle, elephant’s head, lion, angels, snake, dragon and a lot more. The formations are so obvious that you need not to have a playful imagination. Some of the chambers draw a striking picture as the sunlight shed light inside the chamber through the above openings.

different rock formations inside Callao cave
 The name of Callao was derived from the bird kalaw which was abundant in the area before. Compared to other caves, Callao is accessible to everyone. It’s easy to explore. The most challenging part actually is not exploring the cave itself but climbing the stair with almost 200 steps towards the caves entrance. And the most enjoyable part aside from spelunking itself is crossing the Pinacanauan River.

the stair and the river with Bryan and Kuya Chris
I wasn’t challenged by the visit in Callao cave, however the rock formations and the mystery I feel every time I am inside a cave is precious. Setting ones feet in Callao is worth an experience nevertheless. It just saddens me that some of grafittis can be seen in the cave’s wall. I hope the local government of Penablanca can do something about this.

One more thing, when the guide told us the name of the person who discovered the cave, out of amazement the only word I said was – REALLY?! Will you be as impress as me if I tell you his name? His name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The former president of United States!

While in this place maximize your time by visiting the two other caves just few steps away- the Latu-latu cave and  Musang Cave. There’s actually nothing special about the other two caves but well, it’s worth exploring still. You are in the location anyway… 

See the following pictures for idea.

Musang Cave
Latu-latu Cave

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