Monday, April 4, 2011

Wrong Turn - Tuguegarao Escape!

I am a traveler.
I want to go everywhere.
Wherever possible.

One day of December 2010, while I am surfing the net looking for a place to explore, I came across the promo fare of Air Philippines - Php400 one way! I booked a ticket for two to Tuguegarao that cost me P2,480 inclusive of everything. You might ask why Tuguegarao, of all other places? It is because I lost my mind while I am booking the flight.

Nah. The truth is because I misconstrued Cagayan Valley as Cagayan de Oro, and I booked the flight with an intention of doing white water rafting. I’m done booking when I realized that I was dead wrong. But well, what else can I do? I have more than enough time to plan anyway. The flight was scheduled March 19… forward...

After transferring from Hotel Salinas which has a busted air condition and a room with a lot of cockroaches (P625/day), to a non air conditioned room in Hotel Vico (P450/day) which is way better, we plotted the activities we will do in the next three days until our flight back to Manila scheduled 4:50 PM of 22nd.

spelunking activities
walking and trekking
When I booked the flight I am imagining of white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro. But since I am in Cagayan Valley, my white water rafting became spelunking!

March 20 - We went to Penablanca one of the municipalities in the province of Cagayan known as the cave capital of the Philippines. We rented a tricycle (P600) for the whole day to be our service. In Penablanca we explored 4 caves: Callao, Latu-Latu, Musang and San Carlos.

March 21 – Baggao, another municipality of Cagayan Province with natural, aesthetically pristine and beautiful sceneries. We left the city late. After almost 2 hours of road trip we reach Baggao around 2PM. We asked the driver if when will be the last trip way back Tuguegarao and we got surprised when he said “Eto na and last trip” (this is the last trip). Again what else can we do? We went ahead and do the reason why we went here – explore Blue Water Falls Cave!

We rode a tricycle to Dapir. The ride is literally painstaking. The road is dusty, rocky and bumpy and the tricycle was so small to accommodate us all. We’re six including the passengers. From Brgy Dapir, we took another tricycle (a tougher one being used to transport logs) to Sta. Margarita for another more than an hour roller coaster ride. From the jump off point we trekked almost 4 kilometers (with river crossing) and presto! Hello Blue Water Falls and Cave!

Since we were left by the last trip we decided to spend our night at San Jose. We rented another tricycle to take us there so we can look for a shelter.

Stranded, hungry and penniless we survived the day!

March 22 – Back to Tuguegarao City. My hair was so sticky, my face oily and I smelled like a rat. But well my Cagayan trip is really fun indeed!

We failed to do activities, giving me a reason to go back to this place. I failed to do water rafting but I am more than satisfied with what the province offered me. And I am longing for more!


  1. wow...ang galing ng pagkawrong turn....fantastic and gusto ko ung ganung adventure....aside lang dun sa wrong na pabook...hehehehe...^_^..

  2. hahaha!
    Babalik kami ng May or June pero road trip. Sama ka sir!We failed to enter the Blue water falls and cave kasi ang hirap. Di din namin natapos yung San Carlos Cave. I'll write another entry about the caves.


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