Monday, May 23, 2011

We lost, We Got Dirty and We Learned - night/day trek at Mt. Batulao

Several reasons why we - Alvin, Kish, Theen and yours truly, climbed Mt. Batulao last weekend
  1. Because we want to hide away from doomsday fab.
  2. Because we have nothing to do after our pre-trip meeting for Nagsasa and Arayat Traverse.
  3. Because we, me specifically is in the process of moving on.
And one reason why Jojo and Renz joined us:
  1. Because we forced them and they don’t know how to say NO!
Okay, so how did everything start?

from MOA to MRT station from left Missy, Theen, Jojo, Alvin and Renz
 (notice Ren'z denim pants)
After the meeting we walked from MOA (Mall of Asia) to MRT, just for the fun of it. We boarded the bus bound for Nasugbu around 930PM. We reached Evercrest (jump-off) quarter before 12 midnight and after some minutes of fixing and tweaking, we started trekking.

eerie beauty of Evercrest jump off
Jojo and Alvin already climbed Batulao via traditional trail. This time, despite the odds, we decided to traverse it (oh well SoLE people love traversing) from old to new trail in pitched darkness.

the trail we took for 3 hours!
Along the dirt road we took, people were in deep slumber. The place was so eerie; the night was so cold but we were sweating all over because we talked about ghosts, zombies, cannibals and massacres and we’re running wildly hahaha! After an hour of walking and running and fooling around, it seems like the trail was just switching from dirt road to concrete back to dirt road. Maybe we’re lost, but we kept on moving. We ran out of water, since we didn't bring enough in the first place. To satisfy our thirst, we picked mangoes from the neighborhood.

Three more hours passed it was already 3AM and we haven’t ascended any slopes yet! Then came the question are we really going up to Mt. Batulao? We knew by then that we’re lost. Really lost! As lost as Theen’s jacket! (She lost it after trail running out of fun from massacre stories hahahaha!)

Then the rescue came. Tadaaan! - Ken Ybarola. Good thing he climbed Mt. Batulao that weekend too! Else, we don’t know what might have happened.

our rescue Ken (left) and our supposedly guide Alvin (right)
So technically, it was already 3AM when we started our supposedly night trek. The previous hours of walking were wasted. :D

Jojo’s denim pants became shorts. He slid and roll over the muddy places for ahm 6 times! Yes, I counted that right. At 6AM we finally reached the Batulao Camp 1! (not the summit yet). 

very early socials with the other campers
(now notice Renz's denim pants - far left)
But wait there’s more!… of course social is always part of the deal so okay, we ate bread for breakfast, bought water (1.5L for P15), Alvin cooked paella (classic!) and they drank the Boracay Rhum, GSM blue and Emperador! (mainam). Along with other campers, we had fun talking about everything and anything under the sun.

After two hours we decided to continue trekking up to the summit and down the new trail. From there everything went smoothly. Compared to Mt. Talamitam, for me Mt. Batulao is better, it's worth climbing. Let the pictures justify my claim that it is indeed a lovely mountain. I really hope that the beauty of this mountain will be preserved so the future generation can witness what my eyes have seen. 

We reached the jump-off roughly around 2PM. That’s almost 2days of trekking! After washing ourselves, we rested awhile and suddenly it’s hailing! What? It’s hailing! Yes, it’s hailing. It’s raining ice!

To sum it up:
  1. We walked from MOA to MRT with our two recruits Jojo and Renz.
  2. We got lost and it took us an overwhelming 14 hours to complete Batulao climb!
  3. Theen lost her jacket. Ken saved us.
  4. Jojo slide 6 times, Renz 4.
  5. We had countless photos with orbs. (What are orbs again Alvin?)
  6. After shouting her lungs out, someone just feel oh so fine – is that what ‘has’ moved-on’ means?
  7. Rain of hail!
Indeed, this Batulao experience is one of a kind. We got lost, we've been dirty but we learned.

New experience, new friends...

Projected Expenses

Bus from Taft (Crow Bus Station) – Evercrest Batangas – P106
Registration Fee – P20 each (East and West) if you will traverse – P40
----> P300 is enough (don’t eat much though)

Fast Fact

Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-off point: Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu
LLA: 14.0408 N 120.8011 E 811 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 3 with 60-70 degrees assault
(adapted from Pinoy Mountaineer site)

photo credits to : Krishia Dy Velasco

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