Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Venting at Cagbalete Island

Due to disappointment with the cancellation of our Mt. Tapulao climb, I packed my bag and went south to look for a place to vent. It’s been a while since I started hearing about this white sand beach located in Quezon province, hence to feed my curiosity on how beautiful the place could be I went and visited the island myself.

Since I am travelling solo, I made sure that I have all the necessary things with me – burner, cook set, and water container. I also arranged tent accommodation to one of the resorts in the island.

 The Island
This island known as Cagbalete is resting at the east of Mauban, Quezon province in the length of Lamon Bay and Pacific Ocean.

Compared to other islands I visited, I was amazed by the Cagbalete sea. The problem you may encounter is not possible drowning but a place to swim, because the water was ankle deep to even as far as 1 kilometer from the shore during low tide season! And in my 48 hours stay in the island (April 26-27) high tide was off my sight. Imagine a place where you need to ride a boat and paddle several kilometers from the shore just to submerge yourself in the water – that’s Cagbalete!

I agree that Cagbalete is a rare jewel. Aside from different species of land animals and sea creatures, birds of different sizes and colors are a common sight in the island.

The bare seabed that reveals the soul of the ocean floor during low tide is without a doubt a stunning picture to remember.

My Two-Cent Worth of Thoughts

It is okay to keep your expectations high, the island is indeed beautiful. Just keep in mind that the initial sight as the boat docks in the island may not be very ideal. Informal settlers are mushrooming around the area and kids are paddling, swimming and playing in the sea water. Yes, not a very good welcoming sight but behind that is the beauty and grandeur of Cagbalete.

There are different resorts in the island where you can stay. Villa Cleofas, MVT Sto. NiƱo and Pansacola Beach Resort are among others which provide their resort’s information online along with their rates. You can google them and make reservations or you can go to the island first and roam around until you find your haven; other resorts are not yet searchable in the world wide web.

*I decided not to include the resort rates as they changes more often as the tides… ;-) (The April rates are almost 50% higher than the February rates)

How to Get to Cagbalete island

  1. Take a bus bound to or will pass by Lucena City. JAC and JAM  Liner in Cubao have regular routes to the said place. First trip is at 3AM. Travel time is approximately 4 hours.  Fare is Php214.
  2. From Lucena Grand Terminal Station, take another bus bound to Mauban Quezon. Travel time is 1 hour.  Fare is P50.00
  3. When you reach Mauban Terminal, take a tricycle to “bayan”, this is a wet market where you can buy provisions.  Fare is Php14.00
  4. From the market, you can walk your way to Mauban port or pantalan. Be there on or before 10AM as the boat travels only twice a day; 10AM and 4PM. It is a big boat that has a capacity of roughly 50-60 people. The boat ride will take another half hour of your time.
  5. That boat will take you to Sabang Port. From there locals will approach you. Just tell them of your preferred resorts. There are 3 resorts in Cagbalete; Villa Cleofas, Pansacola Resort, and MVT Sto. Nino.
  6. I stayed in Villa Cleofas. You can either take a boat  that cost Php300 straight from Sabang Port to Villa Cleofas or take a 1.4km trek. 


Created in windows movie maker, kindly excuse the imperfections of this video. 

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