Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Eco Village of Camarines Sur

the entrance to EcoVillage (the only sight I like)

one of the unused amenities
EcoVillage is one of the spot being promoted by the city tourism of Camarines Sur. This place is located just several meters away from the world acclaimed cable park CWC. If you will visit the CWC website it says there –

Discover this enchanting retreat within the provincial capitol complex. A perfect harmony of modernity and natural splendor, the Ecovillage is an ideal tourist destination.

Explore the man-made wonders, from the cave, waterfalls, fishponds and breeding houses, to the aviaries with its exciting variety of colorful birds. For the sports-minded, the wall climbing facilities are a favorite while nature lovers and the slightly adventurous would definitely enjoy setting up camp or staying in the tent-like huts situated in the camping area.

Written exquisitely to attract people, but allow me to burst your bubble of excitement… 
  1. Indeed EcoVillage is a perfect harmony of modernity and natural splendor BUT not an ideal tourist destination.
  2. The 25 hectare land is a sanctuary of mosquitoes and other insects.
  3. Yes, there’s a wall climbing facilities but there are neither gears nor available people who can assist you. If you want to climb in your own risk, for sure you can try.
  4. The manmade cave is a container of a murky and muddy water pool, the aviaries that contains different species of colorful birds depicts more of a prison cage than a caring refuge for the wilds. I hope that the city government releases the birds into the wild than keeping them there.

the man-made cave and its murky water
the only washroom available near the aviaries area
There were no tourists around the area when I went there. For those who’ll read this post, try to visit EcoVillage when you visit CWC. They charge P20 entrance fee per head, let me know if the place is indeed beautiful.  Maybe it just so happened that the place was  grubby and the animals are filthy when I went there – such a waste… 

To the local government of Camarines Sur, please do something about this. The area is beautiful to be wasted :(

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  1. Wow! This is such a wonderful place. I wanted to see this place.


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