Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nagsa-Manabu (From Nagsasa Cove to Mt. Manabu)

enjoying the view of the world below

I waited for a month to bath under the sun and make a castle from the sand. For a month I counted the days. And for a day, everything went astray.

The weekend I waited for is also the same weekend I felt...

Gone are the sun and the sea and the sand. Gone is the beach bumming trip that I waited for a month. :(

We’re supposed to leave 5AM to Nagsasa Cove, a beach bumming trip before summer ends, but the event was cancelled thirty minutes before 5.

So I went online, looked for a friend with whom I can share my frustrations with. I got Camee and Alvin who are twice as frustrated as me because of the event cancellation. Since we have nothing to do for the weekend, we decided to day hike Mt. Manabu instead. I sent sms to my ex that I will represent our group instead of him to the Filipino Mountaineers Freedom Climb (click the link for the Freedom Climb entry Mt. Arayat Traverse) assembly since our beach bumming trip was cancelled and I crawled back to my bed.

The assembly was scheduled 10AM of June 04, 2011. It started 11AM. I was supposed to meet Alvin and Camee 2PM, I left the assembly 4PM without finishing it. I met the two ten minutes past 5PM at LRT Buendia, where the buses bound to Lipa are situated. Yah I am more than 3 hours late; and yet they waited for me.

My bag contained sundress, swimsuits and beach bumming kits, because my packing is for Nagsasa, but off we went to Mt. Manabu.

It’s past 8 when we reached the jump off. Yah you’re right, our day hike ended up to night trek. After almost two hours of slow-paced super chillax trekking via Grotto, we decided to set up camp at the base thirty minutes from the summit.

Friends I Treasure
Left: Camille Lumbang
Right: Alvin Marin
We cooked our dinner, drank the brandy we brought, shared life stories, heartaches and frustrations and slept with smiles and satisfaction.

Fast Facts

environment of Mt. Manabu with the three intruders
Mt. Manabu is located in Sto. Tomas Batangas. It is accessible to Metro Manila, and has easy trail thus a perfect mountain to climb for beginners and a favorite fun climb destinations. Its name is an abbreviation of “Mataas na Bundok”

Jump-off point: Sulok, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Sto. Tomas
LLA: 13.9777°, 121.2413°, 760 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 1-2 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2 (Pinoy Mountaineers)

A white cross marked the highest point of the mountain. From the peak will see the beautiful vastness of the urban life below. You will also see the other mountains like Mt. Maculot, Mt. Malipunyo and Mt. Makiling. Water source is located roughly 30-40 minutes away from the summit.

Aside from the nature and environment of Mt. Manabu, there’s someone special whom will be one of the reasons why you will love this mountain. It’s Tatay Perying! (Click link to know him)

How to get There

The easiest way is catch a bus going to Lucena or San Pablo, there are buses bound to those destinations near LRT Buendia. Tell the driver/conductor to drop you at Fiesta Mall. From there catch a tricycle going to Sulok, brgy Sta Cruz, Sto Tomas Batangas. Drivers know too well where to bring you.

Possible Expenses
Bus from LRT Buendia to Fiesta Mall – P110 * 2 = P220
Tricycle from Fiesta Mall to Jumpoff – P50/head * 2 = P100
Registration Fee – P10
Total Projected Expenses - P330

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