Saturday, September 3, 2011

Firing Date

(Yours truly was asked out for a date. It turned out to be something worth writing, so lemme share what happened.

One lazy Monday I met my date in Alabang, because he said he’ll bring me in a mall. I was kinda hesitant, how different can that mall be from other malls in Metro Manila? But off I went, I gotta discover what Festival Mall can offer that I can’t get from other malls nearby.

The result?: Awesomeness! One of a kind experience!

I asked my date Jim Bryan to do the honor of writing the blog entry of our date!)
written by: Jim Bryan Ilarde (guest writer)

The allure of having a sort of theme park inside the mall has already worn off.

I have been coming to Festival Mall since I was still in high school.  Well, not since excitement kicked me in the shin again as I promised the owner of this blog to take her to this mall one day. And my dreaded day I guess came.  The question was how do I amuse an outdoor person in an "inside" environment?  She's an adventurous type of person so what am I suppose to do to make her adrenaline rush?  There is nothing much in an "inside" environment, so I guess bringing her to a shooting range would do the trick!

You can imagine noise coming from guns being fired would make your blood boil with excitement and/or fear.  So off to Jethro shooting range inside Festival Mall!  Jethro is located at the 3rd level of Festival Mall, near ACE Hardware.  What to expect for a "walk-in" customer that wants to try shooting a gun with no experience at all?  Let's start off with the fees:  

The basic fees to pay for walk-in customers would be: Range Fee (250 php per person), Gun Rental (200 php), Range Ammo (10.50 per piece, minimum of 50 rounds).  Adding it up for both of us since we'll be using only one gun, we get to Range Fee 500 php, Gun Rental 200 php, Range Ammo 525 (50 rounds) = 1125 php.  (For those interested in being a member, just check out the picture above for details)

Upon entering the shooting range proper, wear the safety glasses and ear muffs that will be provided over the counter upon payment. Be careful because the noise of guns being fired just meters away from you might dissuade you from entering.  Bullets will also be provided upon entering.  Inside, we find Mr. Helpful (and no! that's not his name! we forgot to ask, so sorry about that) waiting for us at farthest portion of the shooting range.  He assisted us on getting started, from safety on how to hold the gun, loading the gun, safety locks, etc.  Be warned, guns are not toys! With one pull of a finger, it would mean life and death so no horsing around when handling guns.  So came the actual firing! 

And after emptying a magazine comes reloading. 

For 50 bullets, we pulled the trigger, emptied the magazine, reloaded and pulled the trigger again!  You might be wondering how it feels shooting a gun. Let's just say the ingredients of that feeling are adrenaline, fear, excitement, recoil, and disappointment in accuracy even!

After emptying all ammunition, what else to do for an adrenaline junkie like her?  The answer?  A rollercoaster via X-site!  You've got to admit, if it would not give you an adrenaline rush it would somehow amuse anyone right? right? right? :)) 

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  1. I really want to try it and search for shootinf range near Alabang and then I came across your blog. I wanna go and try it but I don't have anyone to go with me. Crossing fingers I can drag my friends there.


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