Monday, September 12, 2011

Pantingan Peak – Conquered!

the scenic view from Marlboro
I already climbed two mountains in Bataan. First is the Mt. Natib which is my first official climb (I used to climb mountains in Camarines Sur, just for the sake of climbing without proper knowledge about mountaineering). My second climb was at Mt. Tarak in Febuary to celebrate my friend Alvin's birthday. And just recently, another mountain in Bataan was added to my list – Mt. Pantingan.

Pantingan is the highest point in the province of Bataan and considered one of the most prominent peaks in Central Luzon. Compared to Tarak Ridge that offers the scenic view of Manila and South China Sea; Pantingan Peak presents the wide-angle volcanic features of Mariveles. Mt Pantingan is also not as popular as Mt. Tarak Ridge and therefore it can be a very nice and challenging climb to both hardcore and novice mountaineers.

Fast Facts about Pantingan Peak (source: Filipino Mountaineers) 

Location: Bagac, Bataan
Major jumpoff: Gabon, Sitio Duhatan, Brgy. Saysain, Bagac
LLA: 1388 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 6-9 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 2-4
Features: Views of Mariveles Range

Key Notes

  1. The trail to the summit varies from grassy slopes, to forests, to rocky steeps. Proper mountaineering gears such as trekking poles, warmer and leggings, and right trekking shoes/sandals will be very helpful.
  2. There are three known campsites in Pantingan Peak. Mountaineers can choose to camp at the summit, Subangan camp or at Danny’s Gate Camp. We opted to camp at Danny’s Gate Camp because it offers the widest campsite, lesser limatiks (blood sucking leeches), and the only campsite with water source.
  3. The mountain is limatik infested. I have been to Mt. Natib and Mt. Makiling which are also known as limatik infested maountains but their number in Pantingan is overwhelming! They are like thin sticks meticulously choreographed dancing along the trails from Danny’s Gate up to the mountain peak.
  4. No advance permit is required. I personally recommend a guide for those who wants to climb Mt. Pantingan. Rey Jimenez is the prominent guide in the area. Anyone can contact him at 09282609645. If he is not available, he helps in finding reliable guides. Mobile reception is available but fluctuating in the area.
  5. Bagac offers wide selections of private and public beach resorts which can be a beautiful side trip.

Our Pantingan climb is a birthday celebration of my dear friend Camille. In order to free us from hassles of commuting, we rented our own service. Provided below is our itinerary, hoping that it can help future climbers in planning their Pantingan climb.

Our Itinerary

0100 - Assembly at Cubao
0130 - ETD for Bataan
0530 -  ETA Saysain, Bagac Bataan
0535 -  Meet guide, preparation
0600 - Start Trek
1530 - ETA Subuangan Campsite
1600 - Tent Pitching
1800 - Preparation for dinner and socials

0600 - Wakeup call and preparation for breakfast
0730 - Start ascent to summit
1100 - ETA Pantingan Summit
1130 - Start descent from summit
1400 - Campsite/Lunch
1500 - Break Camp
1800 - jump off/ wash up
2200 - ETA Cubao

Note: Our IT is slow-paced patterned for novice mountaineers.

the birthday celebrant
photo credits: Bernard Llaguno
  • To the birthday celebrant Camille Lumbang, that makes this climb possible. Kudos!
  • To the sweet couple Bernard and Grace Llaguno, Alvin Marin, Rowell Lumague, Jhef Brondo, Joe Llave Derada, and Jim Bryan Ilarde for making the climbing experience fun and unforgettable.

--> for more information about the mountain trails, views, fauna and flora check Pantingan Photos (click the link)


  1. Hi Dee,

    yes it's overwhelming (key notes no. 3) They are locallt known as "limatik" so thin and small. They're like sticks that camouflage with the soil, twigs and dried leaves and thus they can be hardly noticeable.

  2. hi mam, i believe the correct term po is Subangan ng Baboy Ramo, and it is marked by a tree with wild pig dug or in other words bahay ng baboy ramo. the place could hardly hold a tent and limatik is very prominent. if the area is wide, with water source and just before assault then you might be referring to danny's gate campsite. i went there march 2010 and got my info from

    more peaks to conquer!

  3. Thank you so much for the clarification backPackingSheet. The link you provided is such a great help! I really do appreciate.

    Climb high ma'am! :D

  4. mam tnong lng po ilan hours from jump-off to summit normal pacing lng po, tska po ilan tent kasya sa summit? tnx -gel

  5. tsaka po pla mam ung guide fee po magkno?


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