Monday, October 31, 2011

Puting Buhangin - Neglected Beauty

Kwebang Lampas is located on a southwestern cove of Pagbilao Grande Island in Quezon Province.  I have read a lot of blogs featuring the beauty of Kwebang Lampas and its white sand shoreline known as Puting Buhangin. As a travel blogger I decided to take a look at it, see for myself how majestic this beach really is and how spectacular the view can offer.

I expected for a really beautiful pristine beach with clear water and a spectacular cave around its vicinity.  But I failed. Because this is what I got…

dried leaves, empty bottles, plastic wrappers are everywhere

Puting Buhangin with its cave can be considered as one of the scenic beaches within the mainland of Luzon, only if it was properly taken care of.

the view of Kwebang Lampas from afar
The Cave
This cave is known to locals as Kwebang Lampas. It is at the far end of a limestone cliff in a cove of Puting Buhangin. Kwebang Lampas has an approximate length of 10 meters. It is a small cave with two openings than can be explored by anyone. The cave’s interior in not dark. Inside it is shallow sea water where visitors can soak and swim.

What Happened?

With the conversation I had with the locals, they said that there is somewhat a problem with regards to the property ownership of the said resort. Puting Buhangin where Kwebang Lampas is located was formerly owned by the Lukang family. Now it belongs to another family which name wasn’t mentioned. Overnight stay was not allowed before; on my visit I just spent overnight at the place. I owned the place for a day (Saturday) but when Sunday came, people flocked in the area. So I can say that the beach is already a well-known destination.

How to go there and other Projected Expenses

Bus from Manila to Lucena Grand Central Terminal – P200.00 – P250.00
Jeepney from Lucena Grand Central Terminal to Pagbilao – P11.00
Jeep from Pagbilao to Ibabang Pulo – P35.00
Tricycle to another sitio Capalos where you can take boat – P25.00/head
Boat fee – P20.00/head (it’s just roughly around 5 minutes boat ride)

After taking the boat, you will have to trek for 20-30 minutes. This is the most rewarding part, as you will pass by the rocky but very scenic view of the sea and a forested area. (check the website's facebook fanpage for pictures)

When you reach the resort you will have to pay another P50.00 entrance fee P100.00 if you will stay overnight.  I suggest that you bring tent a if you have one, because the not-so-good cottages in the area are being rented out for around P400.00 – P500.00.

Before the entrance fee being asked by Lukang’s caretaker was just P10.00 per head for keeping the place trash free. ( Now, it cost higher but looks no way better than before.

My two-cent worth of thought

Things change and I know that is inevitable. I can only hope that everything changes to be a better one. It saddens me how a beautiful place can become a sore in the eyes in time…

We, people, are powerful enough. I hope in our quest of wealth we do not sacrifice the beauty of our nature.  


  1. Oh this is heartbreaking! Will share this on my FB page...

  2. it's so sad to know what happened to kwebang lampas... sana maayos pa ito...


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