Tuesday, December 27, 2011

John - The Man who Tours the world in Two Wheels

I met John on my birthday trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. He’s from England, while I am from Philippines. He was there as part of his bike world tour, while I was there for my solo climb to Kota Kinabalu. A common denominator as budget traveller brought us together in Ria Lodge (RM 30 per night). There, we shared stories of our travel experiences, places we visited and future travel plans.

John is a retired military; thus, in his website http://www.gsaworldtour.com he use the banner “From Bullet To BMW”. He started his travels in India in June 2008 using a Royal Enfield Bullet that he bought from Nepal. He’d been to different countries when his bike broke down so he sent it back to UK from Bangkok, Thailand. Luckily he spotted a BMW R1150 GS Adventure for sale online which he bought and is now his new travel company anywhere.

John had already been to Philippines. He backpacked from the mountain province of Sagada all the way down to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. He already visited 22 countries worldwide as of today and still he has no plan to stop as of yet. When I asked him when is he planning to stop he said “When the mind breaks down, when the body breaks down, when the bike breaks down. Ahm no, when the bike breaks down, I’ll buy a new one” then he gave out a hearty laugh.

… til next time John! :)

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