Thursday, November 10, 2011

Somewhere in Malarayat Range

Friday, November 4, 2011 - we found ourselves in Central San Pedro binging on mixtures of alcoholic drinks because of cancellation of our Mt. Pulag climb due to typhoon Sendong. It was a three months preparation, so when the climb was cancelled a day before our ETD from Manila we were all weakened that we decided to just meet each other and chill out in a drinking spree.

We finished the drinking session around 3AM and decided to take a nap at Alvin’s house in San Pedro because we decided to climb Mt. Malipunyo in exchange for Pulag!
… so the story continues here...

the complete set of cowboys
(two guys from the right, Allyson and Kaal I just met at the drinking spree)
How we reached Malarayat
  1. From Laguna, at 10AM we took a bus bound to Lipa, Batangas and get off at Fiesta mall, Batangas. (Php80)
  2. After taking our lunch at Fiesta Mall we rented two tricycle to take us to Sitio Talisay (P150)
  3. We went to the Brgy. Hall first for registration. They asked us if we will hire guide for Php1000  but we denied their offer saying we know the trail. Truth is, we just find the guide rate too expensive. The Brgy. then told us that there is no need to register so off we went on our own.
  4. At the jump-off we decided to look for locals who can take us to Mt. Malipunyo and luckily we got two who offered their service for P700 (P100 each - we’re seven).
  5. 3PM we started trekking and by 7PM we reached the “supposedly” summit of Malipunyo. “Supposedly” because we were fooled! 
"our" Mt. Malipunyo summit shot
Okay the trail was amazing; there’s a dalandan plantation, there are combination of slippery ups and downs, rockies, cliffs, grasslands and steep trails. And oh! Poison ivies are everywhere. After two summits, the guide told us that we finally reached Malipunyo and so we started to set up our camp. The weather was not so great (obviously because there’s a typhoon), we were so cold and chilling.

It’s already 9AM when we woke up. We took our breakfast and break camp. It’s almost noon when we started to trek our way down. Th guide already left us. Their service is good only for one way. 3AM while where freshening up we learned from locals that our Malipunyo climb was a hoax! The second summit is not actually Mt. Malipunyo but just a part of Malarayat range! 

dripping wet yet proud
Lessons Learned
  1. If you don’t know the trail, hire a guide.
  2. And if you will hire a guide, make sure he’s a right, competent, and reliable one.
  3. Every service has a certain rate counterpart. Be wise in choosing which matches which.

I’ll get back to you Malipunyo!

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