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Climb Guide: Mt. Pulag Cost and Expenses for Akiki-Ambangeg

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Mt. Pulag is every Filipino mountaineer’s dream. It is the third highest mountain in the Philippines and the highest peak in Luzon standing 2,922 meters above sea level. This mountain is very prominent because of its mossy forest and the unparalleled sea of clouds at the grassland summit. However, not everyone is lucky to set their feet on this mountain and see its grandeur because it is a common belief that aside from the difficulty in climbing Mt. Pulag it can also be very expensive.

I will tell you something you might not aware of…

No mountain should be taken easily, keep that in mind. So the first reason is actually not a reason to hinder you from climbing Pulag. The second reason – because it is expensive is a faux. I will tell you why…

Fare to Baguio is just around Php500. So it is just Php1,000 way and back.

From Baguio you may consider the following options I lifted from Iapad.Org
  1. From Baguio you may take Norton Trans buses that leave for Kabayan in the morning. They reach Ambangeg after 3 to 4 hours. Their terminal is located in Baguio City on Magsaysay Avenue. Or you may take the Ambuclao road going to Bokod. After 63 km (about three hours), one will reach Ambangeg.
  2. Drive up to Ambangeg using a four-wheel drive vehicle passing through rough, unpaved roads.
The Visitors’ Center and Protected Area Office is located in Ambangeg, Bokod. Going to the Park entrance gate located in sitio Babadak, Bashoy takes about 1-2 hours hike from Ambangeg through a 12-km rough road. Another entry to the Park can be reached if one continues along the valley road leading to Kabayan Poblacion and later on to Buguias. Nine kilometers north of Kabayan Poblacion a steep winding side road leads to Barangay Ballay and thereafter to Barangay Tawangan, bisecting the northern portion of the Park

The options provided above will give you up to 60% savings but I DO NOT recommend it unless you wanna try travelling like forever to reach Mt. Pulag. It is full of hassles and complexities. I just added the options for people who feel like trying it.


From Baguio you can hire a jeepney. They charge Php9000 for 16 pax. It is lower if your group is lesser. So you can just divide it within the group. If you are alone or climbing in a small group you can join other group to share expenses with. Easy right?!

When you reach Mt. Pulag National Park you will have to pay the following: entrance fee, green fee, overnight fee.


Fare Manila-Baguio and vice versa (individual)
Jeep from Baguio to Jump off  (Php9000 for 16 pax)
Guide Fee (DENR required 1 guide per 7 climbers) (Php700/day * 2 days)
Green Fee (individual)
Overnight Fee (individual)
Camping Fee (individual)
Porters (optional) P350/day * 2 days (individual)

Now you do the Math =

The above projection is based on Akiki-Ambangeg climb. It must be cheaper if you are taking Ambangeg-Ambangeg climb. Our individual contribution when we climbed this February was Php2,700 including the foods for Day 1 – Dinner, Day 2 – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Day 3 – Breakfast. And I think that is still expensive.

Budget MUST just be around Php2000-Php2500 per head inclusive of EVERYTHING. If beyond that without food? It’s TOO MUCH! Well, unless you won’t bring a thing but yourself and you will still feel warm and comfy.

*** Take note in the P2700 contribution we had, organizers are free of charge. Oh common, that is the least they can have, so give it to them.  


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