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Lazy Sunday at La Mesa Eco Park

Society of Lost Explorers
 ANGLING islash GROUP PICNIC islash PRE-CLIMB MEETING islash DRINKING SPREE - this was the title of last weekend’s event I created in Facebook for our outdoor group. We are climbing Mt. Pulag on the second weekend of Febuary and thus we are required to have our pre-climb meeting. Since we have nothing to do and nowhere to go last Sunday, we decided to try a new activity, visit a new place, have our pre-climb meeting, and drinking spree bonding one lazy Sunday of January 22nd.

Angling is the new activity we are suppose to try last weekend. It is a principal method of sport fishing by means of an "angle" or fish hook. The hook is usually attached to a fishing line and the line is often attached to a fishing rod. Fishing rods are usually fitted with a fishing reel that functions as a mechanism for storing, retrieving and paying out the line. The hook itself can be dressed with lures or bait. A bite indicator such as a float is sometimes used. (lifted from wiki)

Angling supposedly is the highlight of the weekend’s activity but we ended up wall climbing. Why? because I chose the wrong place...

I have been longing to visit La Mesa Eco Park since I saw it in TV. I thought it will be an amazing, beautiful, luscious, one of a kind places around metro. But I was wrong. To a mountaineer's standard, La Mesa Ecopark is really not included in  amazing, beautiful, luscious, one of a kind places around metro. It is just a so-so place.

We failed to do angling as the pond is murky and the fishes do not look like yummy things at all. We did picnik but not in the main area of the park as it was crowded with hundreds (yes, I really mean a lot) of people.  If you’re imagining of a picnik under the trees, or on the grasslands overlooking a body of water, the way you see in TV, La Mesa Ecopark is not a good choice. My outdoor group looked for a place away from the crowd (inside the jungle) and there, we had our so called “picnik”.

In order not to go home frustrated we tried one activity before going home. Wall Climbing (P50/head)!

Still, everyone enjoyed that lazy Sunday. After all it's not the place, it is the people you are with...

the ladies
the gentlemen
our outdoor group

From the park we went to UP Diliman sunken garden and ended our day at Central Pioneer for a drinking spree.  

Other activities and places inside the Park

  • Lopez Picnic Grounds - A vast (5 hectares) land created for picnic activities. It has grilling facilities underneath a forest of varied trees. (free for public use)
  • Horseback Riding - P100/head for 30 minutes
  • Salt Water Swimming Pool – A public pool that uses salt granules instead of chlorine P80/head entrance fee)
  • Boating Lagoon - P100 boat rental for 30 minutes
  • Paint Ball - P350/head for 500 ammos
  • Fishing Lagoon - Fishing is one of the most popular to-do's in the park but we didn't try it. P80/kilo of fish from a murky water is not just worth it.
  • Zip Line - P100/head
  • Butterfly Trail and Hatchery - P25/head entrance fee

Fees and Fares

  • Entrance fee to La Mesa – 50.00 for Adult Non-QC residents. I am wondering how much the park earn everyday specially during weekends... It may appear cheap, but I find it expensive considering the crowd during weekends. I hope the revenue that the park is getting from the entrance fees and other fees are being used for the improvement and further rehabilitation of the watershed.
  • Tricycle from Winston to the park – We were five and the driver asked us P10/head.

How to get there

Option 1. Ride a southbound buses via EDSA with signboards pointing to Baclaran, MIA, Alabang, FTI, or Ayala-Leveriza and get down at Quezon Avenue. From there, ride an FX or jeepney bound to SM Fairview. Alight at Winston St. in East Fairview Subdivision. From there, ride a tricycle going to La Mesa Ecopark.

Option 2. Ride southbound MRT and get off at Quezon Avenue. From there, ride an FX or jeepney bound for SM Fairview. Alight at Winston St. in East Fairview Subdivision. From there, ride a tricycle going to La Mesa Ecopark.


The park closes at around 6 pm. Be there in the morning if you want to stay long.


DO NOT get me wrong. La Mesa Ecopark is still a good place for family outing, picnics, and friendship outdoor trips. My description above is based on my point of view as an outdoor enthusiast and a person who've been to many different places. If you want to go out, feel the nature, bond with your relatives and friends, La Mesa Ecopark is still a good choice since it is one of the nearest places you could scout in the metro. It is still a  popular destination as an alternative to shopping malls. If you want to enjoy the place more, visit it during weekdays; unless you love crowd then weekends are okay.

I still suggest you check out the place and create your own awesome experience with friends!  Just like what we did. But if you have other place to go or things to do, La Mesa Ecopark can wait. ;)

Photo credits: Samuel Sy and Samantha Sergio
Video Credits: Jojo Fernandez

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