Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Cry for Mother Nature

(I do not take ownership of this photo. This was lifted from the world wide web)
The degradation of our ecosystem and the ailing condition of the environment is a worldwide issue. There is an individual problem in every region, but nothing bothers me more than environmental issues. It is a common knowledge that air, water, and noise pollution do not recognize borders. This being the case, there should be no room in the capitalist society that serves only individuals that accumulate profit out from environmental fall out. Therefore I dare say,
Fuck you SM supermalls!
For advertising yourself as socially and environmentally responsible company yet in fact a leading environmental violator! Your action of cutting and balling of Baguio's pine trees in order to give way to a 7-storey building and underground parking is very irritating! You created malls promising a sustainable way of life, and you’ve been very successful in that endeavor. In fact we already have too much SM malls in the archipelago and sometimes the sight of your building already makes us sick. Be informed that you currently exploit the environment in unsustainable ways. The building expansion of your SM branch in Baguio is obviously based on your own selfishness and not of communal goals. Be aware that your plan to expand your industry because of your greediness may provoke environmental collapse.
Fuck you politicians, useless government, and good for nothing public servants!
You should remind your constituents that they are part of the nature instead of acting like a cancer of the environment and community. You become an epidemic of the earth afflicting illness to your people. As a third world country let us not join the orgy of natural-energy consumption. Our nation is not a suicidal consumption. Can’t you see that all our natural resources are being used up? For heaven’s sake, do something! At least try to uphold your integrity and ethical values. Regulate the frequent and increasingly large amount of natural energies that big industries like SM are using. Isn’t it obvious that the consumer system that we are embracing has been protecting only the rich and powerful? The allocation of our natural and national resources is either unfair or unnecessary. The consumerism that aims to increase living standards for all has ended accentuating a division between the rich and the poor. If you cannot do something to alleviate the sufferings of many, do not be the reason of their suffering!

To the people of the Philippines
The climate movement needs to have one hell of a comeback.  If we need to do marketing and persuasive cases that will inform public that the real solutions to the climate crisis are our best hope of building a much more enlightened economic system, then we should start now!  Wake up Filipinos! Let us be the right virus and rejoin our nature. We cannot risk delay, not with the atmosphere furiously going up to 100 degrees Celsius. We all want our children ad grandchildren to breathe normally, without the aid of oxygen from artificial environment! Nationalized industries should and must serve the public interest not at the expense of the environment. Let us all work so that the regulation of corporate excesses must be enforced by the government. 

To end this I wanna say…

SM supermalls and the people behind it that spread and support selfish capitalism will soon be in remorse. The Filipino people who are affected by climate change but are not fighting nor doing anything will suffer. At the end, everyone will be suffering… everyone. You, me, the people around you, our loved ones, our unborn child, we will all suffer. :(


  1. I was there the day before the news exploded. Who would have thought that Henry Sy and the rest of the "evil" crew are willing to destroy nature for the sake of money? Shame on them.

  2. whoah missy! I'm surprised with the new look. btw, about the SM thing... grabe ang expansion nila ah... kaliwat kanan na ang mga mall hindi pa ba sapat?

  3. Onchie and Dee regarding SM issue: the thought that our future generations will be living in an "artificial" world really scares me :(

    How do you find the new look Dee? Is the old one better?

  4. okay lang missy.. malinis at hindi makalat.


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