Monday, May 7, 2012

Calaguas: Two Years After

magnificent view of Calaguas today (It was better 2 years before)

It has the same old white sand, that covers the shoreline

The same coconut trees, looking up in the sky.
It has the same mountain range surrounding the cove
Same feeling of love, of faith, of hope.


I don’t own it no more.
The island was conquered by many strangers.
Gone is the silence of the sea and sand.
Gone is the light of the moon so grand.

I miss the old Calaguas...

Sorry about this post. My beau said this not so “bloggy” material; but I am posting this regardless. To express my sadness, heartbreak, and disappointment about the changes happened in Calaguas. I was trying to write a new entry about Calaguas, 2 years after I saw the place, but I ended up with rhyming words.

Let me take you back in time through this link - Calaguas 2 years before

So what are the changes I am talking about?
  1. Two years ago we owned the island. The vastness of it. We’re the only people playing on its white sand.
  2. Two years ago there were only two cottages in the place and the rest was wilderness.
  3. Two years ago there was only one water pump in the area that barely works.
  4. Two years ago there was no comfort room, no electricity, no mountains of trashes.
  5. Two years ago the island was free of charge. Now, you have to pay Php100 for the entrance fee and another Php20 for the tax as per the caretaker... the island was eaten by the civilization.
Optimism Entry

If you will visit the place, choose the farthest left part where cannot be reached by the electricity powered by generator and you will enjoy the majestic view of fireflies at night.

With all due respect to the caretaker of the island, kudos for providing trash bins in every cottages. I hope the place will get better in time even when the globalization started to embrace it. Take care of the place, and the place will take care of you.

Two-Cents Worth of Thoughts

To all visitors of Calaguas, Please! Respect and save the place for our future generation.


  1. I was there 3 weeks ago.. first time kong mapuntahan, andami nang tao pati tent. tpos nandun din yung party shit. hay.

    buti na lang meron akong nkitang firefly sa gabi.

  2. Sana i-regulate nila ung number of people na bumibisita dyan. At wag gawing party place hindi yan Boracay.

  3. Replies
    1. Went there last March.You have to go see it. The farthest left of the island is way better, less crowded. Weekdays are more peaceful since visitors usually flock the island on weekends. I totally agree. We need to save Calaguas! :)

  4. which farthest left Missy? Farthest left when facing the beach or farthest left when facing the sea? One end of the beach gets swamped by waters during high tide, baka maswept away ang magcamp dun.

    1. farthest left when facing the resort. There's a lonesome cottage without a light (as of yet) but the care taker said they're workin on the electricity to reached that part also. I told him, better not cos it's the only part the preserves the magnificence of the place with its fireflies at night...

  5. I feel you ... It breaks my heart .. :(


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