Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paoay and Batac : The Impressive Church and The Presidential Center

I am pretty sure that the municipality of Paoay and Batac have a lot to offer; it just so happened that we only visited two spots in those municipalities. Thus in this entry, I will be talking only about Paoay Church and Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center.

Paoay Church

Paoay Church is one of the gems of Ilocos Norte - a distinctive church inscribed in the World Heritage List. The church is a masterpiece  patterned to Javanese temple and a European church. A unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental designs. The architecture is highlighted by enormous buttresses. It was built by Augustinians in 1593 (according to the cornerstone) and completed 1710 (according to wiki). But when you do research other articles online they stated otherwise. This line I lifted from the vast information provided by the web “Construction of the Paoay Church was started by the Augustinian friars in 1694. It was completed in 1894 led by Fr. Antonio Estavillo and was re-dedicated in 1894.” Allow me not to do the talking here about specifics because I am no expert on this topic, but rather let the not-so-good  photos I took do the presentation.

the cornerstone

I took the photo of the cornerstone and the interior for your reference. The facade shots I took are over exposed and not worth putting here the others are forgivable. Please do google it for better shots.
the interior of the church

the bell tower
A three-storey coral stone bell tower at the right side of the church.This believed to be the observation post for the Katipuneros 1896 during the Philippine revolution against the Spaniards, and by the Filipino guerillas during the Japanese occupation in World War II.

From Paoay church you can take a tricycle ride to Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center (Php25/head) or Malacanang of the North (also in Paoay). The tricycle driver offered us Php150 for the two places  but we only decided to visit Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center since we have to go back to the city of Laoag for our plan to do sandboarding. If you have ample time, it is still best to visit both.

Ferdinand Marcos Presidential Center

Located in Batac, one of the cities in the province of Ilocos Norte, is a house with a spanish look that has a door that leads to the late President Ferdinand Marcos' legacy and achievements.  The center offers rich depository of works, collections, papers, and memorabilia of his reign as a child, man, leader, statesman and visionary. The center was once the residential place of the former president. The most interesting part of the museum is his remains (which looks more like a sculpted wax than a human body), laid and preserved in a refrigerated crypt.

If you like Marcos visiting this Presidential Center will make you like him more. If you do not like him and you visit this place either you will learn liking his brilliance and intelligence or convince yourself that he is worth your angst.

(No picture is enough to justify the place so I am posting nothing here)

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