Monday, May 21, 2012

Sandboarding in Ilocos

What is sandboarding?

Sandboarding also known as sand surfing is a recreational activity that takes place on sand dunes. This boardsport is popular in desert areas or coastal areas with beach dunes. Sandboarder stands with both feet strapped to a board and ride across or down the dune standing.

Not an easy ride! 

Compared to wave surfing (I have experienced it in La Union and Baler), it is more difficult to balance and ride the board down the sand. I fell off in all my attempts. Aside from riding the board, another difficult part of sandboarding is walking back up to the top of the dunes because there is no mechanized ski lift to bring you back. Before you know it, you are drained and tired hiking up the sand dunes than riding the board down.

the unlimited fall :))
Sandboarding in the Philippines?

Yes! The Philippines has its very own sandboarding haven and that is in La Paz Sand Dunes, Ilocos Norte!

If you have never been to a desert you will be impressed with the astonishing view of the vast mounds of sand La Paz Sand Dunes that greets the blue waters of the South China Sea. No wonder Tom Cruise was mesmerized by the desert’s own grandness. His film “Born on the Fourth of July” was shot there and so is the “Mad Max” series of Mel Gibson. The place was immortalized in the films of our very own Nora Aunor’s ”Himala” and Philippine Action King Fernando Poe, Jr “Panday”. If sand dunes of Laoag is film worthy then it must indeed be beautiful right? I may say that it can pass the quality of the global standard. Something to be proud of eh?

So go up north take and surf the billowing sand dunes of La Paz!

  1. The activity costs Php2500 for four persons. That includes a 4x4 fun ride in the desert. That is a package. You cannot just simply choose the sandboarding as you need the 4x4 ride to the location.
  2. You can reach La Paz sand dunes by hiring a tricycle from the city of Laoag. The cost depends on your haggling skills. Or you can ride a tricycle to the jeepney terminal bound to La Paz sand dunes (6kms away from the city) that cost Php11 and take the jeep to the location. Afterwards, you have to walk several kilometers under the heat of the sand in the vastness of the desert to reach the sand boarding location. So this is not actually an option. In our case, we saw a 4x4 ride in the city and hitched a ride to La Paz sand dune. Spell lucky = US! :D
Do not go to the desert without a contact. That will not give you any savings. Their price is fixed across the board; unless you have very good haggling skills again. And you can only haggle if you already have a contact. Why? Because when you are already in the middle of the desert do you think you will turn your back if they do not give you your begged price? And I think (you should agree with me on this) your 4x4 contact should either pick you from your hotel or at the road where the jeepney bound to La Paz will drop you off. 

The Cycle 

gliding down
and down
and down
and fall
and going up to glide down and fall again
 and the cycle continues....


  1. Nag-enjoy din ako dito. Mas madali sya compare sa surfing.

    1. I thought wave surfing is better. Ahihihi

  2. The 4x4 ride and the sand boarding at the sand dunes is one hell of an adventure!

    If balancing to go down on the board is hard, getting up the hill is even harder... heheh! so true!

    1. Indeed it is! Thanks for your blog, I've learned about the activity :D

  3. Replies
    1. you MUST try. We will be back October :)

  4. ang mahal naman! pero looks like fun nga talaga... gusto ko to! :)


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