Monday, May 21, 2012

There's More to Ilocos than Just Windmills!

It has been my life long plan to visit Ilocos, but for some reason I never had the chance to set my feet on the birthplace of the legendary former President Ferdinand Marcos until the wedding of Patty, my mountaineering mentor. The wedding was held in Currimao, Ilocos Norte.


Me and my beau were too late for the wedding ceremony; much more to the reception (spare me the enumeration of reasons why), so we just took our late dinner in one of the burger stand in the area (that's the only available place with food at 10PM, no restos, no carinderia - just burger stand!). We do not have a hotel reservation too. We went to Subli-Subli resort but the caretaker said there is no available room. Luckily their stockroom was open and from there I found mattresses, pillows, and blankets! We took some of them (yes without permission) and asked my friend if we can squeeze in to their room. The night went pretty fine. I don’t know what was the caretaker’s reaction when she saw the extra bed in my friends room. But I am pretty sure next time she will give shelter to those who are homeless :D  

(Oh!, do not blame Patty on this. I am no VIP so I do not expect her to take care of me. Besides, I enjoyed these li'l misfortunes!)

Let me tell you something about Ilocos Norte; some you will not read in other articles across the Internet.

  1. The best way to get there is to fly; unless you enjoy a 13 hour ride.
  2. When you touch down Laoag airport, take the tricycle. It is the easiest way to go around town. They charge Php100 from airport to the city. Jeepneys charge Php150.
  3. Tricycle is the mode of transportation in the area. Regular fare rate is Php11.00. You can hire them for special trips too; for special charge.
  4. The place is so laid back. Unless you are in the city of Laoag, 8PM at night feels like 1AM in the morning. Place is almost deserted, darkness embraced the area by 6PM and there is no transportation is available.
  5. And the most important thing about Ilocos is that - it can offer more than just windmills!
In 3 days stay, below are the activities we did and places we have visited:
the famous windmills of Ilocos province

… need I say more? Please wait for my next entries.

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