Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Windmills: Treasures of Pagudpud

Bangui Windmills

Ilocos is synonymous with windmills.
When someone uttered the word “Ilocos Norte” one of the first things that comes to a Filipino mind is windmill. 

This is one of the best and awesome sights in Pagudpud. And I will not contest the description that the 15 gigantic wind turbines by the sea shore arranged in a single row spaced 326 meters apart are awesome. Every turbine stands 70 meters high while each blade is 41 meters long. They are indeed, majestic! My boyfriend who has a fear of giant object (I dunno if that phobia exists) said that they are hypnagogic like those creatures and things in extra-terrestrial movie.

The Bangui Wind Mills located in Bangui bay were built by  NorthWind Power Development Corporation to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) that cause global warming  and also to accelerate the rural electrification of the government but it turned out to be the most famous landmark and tourist spot of Ilocos Norte.

How to Get There

Bangui is located further up north of Ilocos Norte along the Laoag-Cagayan national highway. You will see directional markers roughly 5-10 minutes from the municipality of Burgos. You can simply follow the markers or ask around to reach the place. Travel time from Laoag is about one and a half hour.

The easiest and most advisable way is to rent a tricycle to tour you around. the rate is usually Php300 per tricycle for several 3-5 tourist spots.

Bangui Bay Observation Deck You can find this view deck just beside the road. From here you will see a picturesque view of the wind mills.
view from the deck

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