Saturday, October 6, 2012

Seri Fantasy Land - The Land of a Happy Thoughts

Have you been to the land of happy thoughts that lies within the corner of Metro Manila? A place where you can do activities that you deemed impossible and see things that you never knew existed? Not yet? You never heard about the place neither its existence? Ahhhhh, pity you. Okay lemme spill some of its spell and magic. Check the picture below, be envious, and check the place for yourself. :D
test of maximum strength 

messing up with Mona Lisa

The land of happy thoughts is located at the 2nd level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park (Behind Quirino Grandstand, Manila). To layman’s term it is known as Seri Fantasy World. Visit the place and experience  a new kind and absolutely different way of having fun. 

Seri Fantasy World showcases things that are not visible in the normal world. It will bring you to the place of fun and mystery without the need of new gadgets and other modern facilities. It will feed your eyes and brain with wonders by offering edutainment (education and entertainment) through the use of science and art in 3D technology. Seri Fantasy World has attractions that are especially created to stimulate and challenge mental strategies and creativity.
save thy child!


Mirror Maze - a confusing labyrinth of mirrors that creates wonderful illusions using your very own reflections. If you haven’t seen yourself floating, then you will see it happen here! Be mesmerized, puzzled, confused, and amazed all at the same time. Let us see how keen is your sense of space and direction as you find your way through the maze in the ocean of your own reflection.

Trick Art Museum - a room full of colorful 3D art that were freehand painted by Korean artists on the walls and floor of the gallery. This attraction highlights interactive paintings that provides optical illusions in a picture. If you are not a fan of paintings, you will not appreciate the gallery until you strike a pose and see how amazing your photos can be. The art comes to life in pictures.

3D Cinema Plus - have you watch a film in IMAX? If you did, then you already have an idea on how it feels to be inside a 3D cinema. What set the Seri 3D Cinema apart is  its “multisensory” effects that makes you feel as if you are indeed part of the movie. Just a piece of advice, sit on the very front row to free your vision from any obstructions. We were seated at the fourth row and it was so annoying to see people’s head in front of me (take note I am wearing 3D glasses).

Kid’s Paradise - 200 square meter playpen where kids can explore a jungle-like construction. Children will certainly have fun and get amused with  air bounce, book cafe, and toy world.


Seri Fantasy World is open everyday from 10AM until 7PM and extends until 8PM during weekends. For rates, educational tours, and party packages, you can contact them at +63 (02) 559 9563 or check their website.


  1. love the first photo. first time i heard of the place :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by. Visit the place and relive the kid in you. Have fun! :)


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