Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Very Relaxing Bath at Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort

Irosin, Sorsogon is situated at the base of the Bulusan Volcano we just recently climbed. Being an active volcano, Bulusan boasts abundant flow of natural hot and cold springs that teem from the lush mountain down to the nearby towns. These springs are then converted into resorts and water parks.  

The Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort is one of the many resorts that offer hot and cold natural springs to weary and tired souls. Being believed to have therapeutic effects, many people, tourists and locals alike, are visiting this place to relax themselves as they enjoy the soothing effect of the warm and cold water. It is not difficult to find the resort as it is quite popular in the area, in fact the people at the Bulusan part suggested we go directly to this place after we descended Mt. Bulusan.

The man-made pools have a dense backdrop of foliage, adding to the natural appeal of the area. Within the vicinity are picnic cottages, shower and changing rooms, and a store and restaurant.  If you fancy to stay for more than a day, the resort also have different rooms for accommodation. Their prices varies depending on room amenities.

The resort is not grand, but it is a perfect place to stay for tired people like us who just braved the 1,565 meter height of Mt. Bulusan. Its sulphuric healing properties worked just fine to appease our aching muscles and tormented souls. We lull ourselves with our body submerged halfway underwater. For a time we were drifted into quixotic mode. We were there until the night was eaten by silence.

How to Get to Irosin, Sorsogon

There are buses from Manila en route to Bulan or Matnog Sorsogon. All of them pass by the town of Irosin. This can be a very long, uncomfy 11-hour ride so if you do not want long trips, you can take a plane from Manila to Legaspi, then Legaspi to Sorsogon City which will cut the travel time to roughly 3-4 hours.

If you will ride other long distance buses and local buses that terminates at Sorsogon City Central Bus Terminal, you can just take jeepneys that are bound to Irosin or pass by the town of Irosin.

How to Get to Mateo Hot and Cold Spring

The pool with thick foliage background
The resort is around 20 minutes ride from Irosin town proper. From the national highway, you will enter a short section of dirt road that leads to the resort. You may rent a tricycle from the town center for 50 pesos or less. From Bulusan Lake which is the jump off of our climb, the teysicle costs Php300.

On your way home, you may just ride a tricycle until the end of the dirt road to the highway which cost only Php10.00 per head and just wait for buses there that goes to Legaspi or Sorsogon City. That is what we did.

Resort Rates

I. Swimming entrance fees

     Day Swim        Php25 per head

Night Swim     Php30 per head

II. Shade Rentals (umbrella type)

Big Shade     Php150
Small Shade     Php80

II. Lodging- Room Rates

A. Rooms with CR outside:
Overnight Stay (12hrs) Php150 per head
Whole Day         (24hrs) Php250 per head

B.  Rooms with CR inside:
Overnight Stay (12hrs) P250 per head
Whole Day        (24hrs)     P300 per head

C. Air-conditioned Rooms (24 hrs)
Room number(s) 301 - 304 cost Php1,500 per room (additional Php250 in excess of two persons)
Big air-conditioned rooms good for 8 persons cost Php3,000

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