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Burot Beach and its Unique Mystique

The sunset that painted love and promises
When the sun starts setting in the west and before darkness paints the surrounding, you will be treated with one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing nature show - the sunset. You will witness how the the vast sky turn from white, to blue, to red, then indigo. If you haven’t seen a magical setting of the sun before, you better head south of Metro Manila and set your feet on one of the most beautiful beaches down there. Feel the freshness of the wind that blows from the West Philippine Sea as your soles enjoy the tickling sensation of white sandy shore of Burot beach.

The scorching sun that appears to be so mighty and powerful while you are in the metro will reveal a sheer beauty that will surely mesmerize you. It will hide itself in the horizon while kissing the vastness of the salt water.

There are indeed a lot of reasons why you have to check out this place and let me enumerate at least 3 of those things for your sake:

First. Since we do not have aurora borealis in the Philippines, you should at least witness a beautiful sunset. If you are from Metro Manila, do not tell me Manila Bay sunset is the most beautiful until you see the sunset in Calatagan yourself. Yes, we do not have a lot of jaw-dropping sunsets so go on; do yourself a favor.

Second. There is no need to fool yourself by booking a ticket to Boracay to see a white sand beach. Burot sand may be not as fine as that of Boracay but dude, the silence and comfort of the place is next to none. If you take vacation to have days off away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Burot Beach is the place to be. Unless you enjoy crowd and bars, and yelling dudes then go ahead book your flight to Boracay or jump to Puerto Galera.

Third. It only cost less than Php1,500 (all in) to see a sunset that you will treasure in your life even until your journey reaches the islands of Siquijor. Burot beach will soon be commercialized as SM company already bought it. Soon it will be developed into an expensive resort. People in the next generations will talk about it, do not wait until then. Now is the time to see how wonderful this place is without being yet embraced by greed, capitalism, and crooked civilization.

When you are done chewing the words I just wrote, you may feast on the underwater and landscape photos we took from the beach so we can share them to you.

How to Get There

Burot Beach is located in Calatagan, a small municipality in Batangas. It is 3-4 hours away from Metro Manila. You can get there in either public or private transportation.

How to Commute to Burot Beach?

The more secluded part of the already secluded Burot Beach

  1. (a.) Ride a Crow Bus at the terminal near the MRT Taft Station (b) if you are near Cubao you may also take the Cely Rosa Bus in Ali Mall, (c) there are vans bound to Calatagan in Ali Mall (d) there are also vans enroute to Calatagan near Taft MRT at back of Kabayan Hotel. You can choose among those options. I do not know their schedules so help yourself in that matter. Travel time is around 3-4 hours. Fare is roughly around Php180 - Php200.00 depending on where you are from.
  2. From Calatagan, take a  tricycle to Burot Beach. According to the locals we spoke with the standard fare costs about PHP 120.00 for 4 people but drivers tend to increase their fare to take advantage of tourists. Know how to haggle. The road that leads to the beach is rough and unpaved. Travel time is roughly 30 minutes.
How to Go to Burot Beach Using a Private Car?
  1. From Manila go south passing Tagaytay and taking the Nasugbu Road.  
  2. Upon arriving at the Nasugbu-Lian intersection, take the Lian route and go straight.  
  3. After the town Lian, you will reach Calatagan Municipality.
  4. From there, the best thing to do is ask the locals about directions that lead to Burot Beach. I cannot provide the best route for this as we got lost on our way to the beach and asking locals is the only way that brought us there. Cheers!
You will enter two gates with guards covered in SM uniforms. You will know that you have already entered a private property. Do not worry, it's still open to the public, unless stated otherwise by the owner. :P

There will be a Php120.00 per head fee for an overnight stay. And another Php200.00 for the picnic tables and benches.

*Before you go check with Mang Ramon- 09156028907 if the beach is still open for public. We’ll never know when SM is planning to close it.

Things to Remember
  1. Bring a headlamp, flashlight, candle, whatever you please to create a light. There is no electricity in the area. When we went there (November 11-12), we were the only people in the island. Our lamp and some fireflies were the only evidence that there are living creatures in the said place. The silence was deafening, the darkness was blinding us, and yet it was very relaxing.
  2. The little sari-sari store, NOT a convenience store in the area is the only source of commodities available. Do your grocery at the market before heading to the place.
  3. Do not expect a grand accommodation because there is none. There are neither rooms nor decent toilets. You will have to bring your own tent because either of the cottages can give you decent sleep. There is a water supply but I do not think it is potable.
  4. You will see starfishes of different colors and sizes, you can touch them but refrain from bringing them off the shore. They are beautiful; let them live. And so are the other creatures you will see.
  5. You can agree when the boatman offered “island hopping” for Php35.00 per head. Do not, if its beyond that price as what he is offering is really not an island hopping. Yes, he will bring you to away from the shore, but drop you off to the sandbar that appears during low tide. It’s still a nice experience to try though. 
  6. DO NOT LITTER. DO NOT DO BONFIRE. DO NOT MESS UP THE PLACE! Please I am begging you. These things are the only things I am asking you to do after providing you with this free article. Do them and we’re even.

Have fun!
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Be safe!


Tito Jimmy and Tita Eve
I would like to thank this couple for joining in this weekend getaway. It will not be as fun as it was without you guys.

Next time we see each other, we already have our own fins. 

Thank you and may we share more adventures and travels soon!


  1. mukhang matagal pa ang pinaplano ng SM ah. we went here last april at angmga guwardiya infernes naka SM guard outfit. banyo lang talaga ang hassle diyan.. :)

    1. Oo nga, ang hirap magbanlaw ng half open ang banyo :D

  2. beautiful, a pity that it will be soon commercialized. :-(
    have a nice sunday!

    1. Yeah. Let us cross our fingers that it will be develop for good. :)

  3. I'm from Batangas but never knew this beach existed. We usually go to Laiya, San Juan but this is definitely a great alternative destination. The sunset photos were amazing! And nothing beats a secret, secluded beach. Thanks for the post! :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Daene. For other beaches and islands you may also check the other entries I wrote. Just click on the tab "Islands and Beaches" at the upper portion provided just below the header.

      Have fun, travel more! :D

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