Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Boracay Island Hopping

So, you have been in the famous land of Boracay?

If not yet, then you better start waiting for the midnight seat sale of some airlines as you are missing half of your life - or so they say. For me, there is actually no extraordinary things about the place aside from the ahmmm ...  (please complete the sentence for me as I cannot think of any. Forgive me)

If you have been to this very famous tourist destination of the country, what did you do in this place aside from partying all night, waking up from a stranger's bed, drinking Jonas milkshake, and having hennas and braids? If you did nothing more aside from those, you are the lousiest vacationer alive!

Now let me tell you something more about Boracay. Maybe next time you can treat yourself well enough to claim that you indeed have a very nice Boracay vacation.

Boracay is not only confined within the walls of the hundred bars near the shore. If you can spare a time and visit the other side (Bolabog Beach), you can witness a breathtaking water sport known as kite surfing. If you will go a little farther you can reach the Mt. Luho which can provide you with the 360-degree view of the island. And one of the activity you should not miss is island hopping, because Boracay can offer more than just fine white powder of sands.

Why Should you Go Island Hopping?

Because Boracay deserves to be remembered as more than just an island of drunkards and party goers. It has its own unique beauty waiting to be discovered and admired.

Crystal Cove for instance has a scenic appeal which can capture the heart of a tourist. It is formerly called Tigutian Island; a two-hectare land covered with deep green vegetation amidst the clear turquoise water. It has pathways that lead to picnic areas, two caves, a beautiful sandy beach, and a remarkable underwater beauty. The whole island offers a panoramic view of the vast water of West Philippine Sea. There is an entrance fee of Php200 pesos, but I tell, it is worth every cent.

The pathways that lead to picnic areas and other structures
Hand-like structures where tourist can rest
one of the structures in the island 

What I do not like about this island though is the little ‘unnoticeable’ zoo where birds and other animals are kept. I personally I think this mini “unnoticeable” zoo they are trying to keep is futile. The island itself is fun for trekking and beautiful as it is, the birds and animals should be FREED! (Be with me in this advocacy) :D

Crystal cove is the highlight of the island hopping. The other two islands you will visit are the Crocodile Island and Puka Shell Beach.

Crocodile Island is very ideal for snorkeling. You can enjoy swimming with colorful fishes of different sizes and go home with a wonderful experience. Expect to pay Php20.00/head for environmental fee. The snorkeling gears are included in our boat rental. The Puka Shell Beach is a secluded beach. It has an exploit beauty compared to the Boracay beach proper Here you can find private cove where you can go swimming or go shopping for souvenirs. Most of the items sold here cannot be found on the white beach.
the only shot I got from Puka Shell beach 

Now tell me again, what did you do in Boracay when you went there?

- By the way, the (little) boat we chartered only cost Php1,000. Me and my travel buddy only have to shell out Php500.00 each for the half-day island hopping tour. I dunno how much a regular island hopping cost, but I hope you can also find someone who will share their fishing boat with you for the same price. Too bad I lost my phone, along with it is the contact number of that little boy who brought us the boat.


  1. hindi pa ako nakapunta ng boracay, pero nagbabasa ako ng mga articles about boracay hahahahaah . Sana soon makapunta pag may mag sponsor hahhaha

  2. Hi Anciro,

    Oo naman, makakapunta ka rin dun. Abang ka ng mga promo fares, lagi naman may seat sale ngayon. Check mo yung separate entry ko about an "Affordable and Memorable Boracay Experience" para makakuha ka ng tips on how to go out on a much cheaper Boracay getaway. Here's the link - http://www.tamanggala.com/2009/12/affordable-and-memorable-boracay.html

    Good luck! :D


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