Wednesday, December 19, 2012

INCOGNITO - The Eye of Soles

There are instances in our lives when we badly want something but we have to wait for the proper time as things are still busy and they are not yet ready to settle down on their proper places. I understand that there are people who are not good nor happy waiting but each of us should must learn that we cannot always get what we want. One way or another we have to wait.

That is exactly what I did - wait until I get INCOGNITO, my very own Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR). He belongs to Nikon family, genus D5100. I got him December 02, 2012 and we agreed that henceforth he will share to you the things that my eyes feast on during my travel escapes. He promised he will try his best to capture the beauty of things that awed me. He will be the eye of my soles, my new travel partner.

Meantime, he is in the process of learning, and we are trying to get to know each other more. But here, lemme show you some of his shots.  

twin red buds
lost husky
Cheers to continuous exploring, learning, and sharing!

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