Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pan de Amerikana: An Overturned Restaurant

Do you enjoy things that are unusual? Do you, once in your life imagine what the world will become if things are upside down? When things are reversed, inverted, or overturned, will you be acting differently from the norms?

It does not matter if you answer yes or no on the last question; you can read along. However, if you answered “NO” to the first two questions, skip this entry as you will not be interested in this place I will discuss. You’re such a boring dude, but that is okay.

Today, I will bring you to the topsy-turvy world of Pan de Amerikana. It is a bakery-restaurant located in Whiteplains, Quezon City. It is easy to find since it is the only structure there that defies the norm of commonness and order. If your imagination is not enough of a guide, check the photo provided below.

The catabolic place
Interesting Facts

  • Pan de Amerikana is said to be the first and only upside-down restaurant in Southeast Asia. It is odd because it appears inside-out. But oh, a very interesting sight!
  • The ceiling of the restaurant is decorated with chairs, tables, and other furniture. I think I saw a piano at the ceiling too!
  • Foods are affordable. You will have a full meal for a Php150.00 complete with drinks. Their menu consists of mostly Filipino dishes.
  • Photos of well renowned local actors and actresses during old times are decorating one corner of the restaurant.
  • Every single item within Pan de Amerikana has been designed meticulously. A clock with a spoon and fork hands, capiz lamps adorning the interior, huge clay pots for the handwash area, wooden floors, colorful ceramic plates and jars covering the walls of comfort rooms - EVERYTHING IS SO FUN TO LOOK AT! 

Maybe I am looking at the place the wrong way
walls of CR
hand wash area 
How to Get There

Okay so you want to check out the site for yourself. There are three ways to get to the place. Identify which is best for you.

  1. Bring your car and drive to Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City via White Plains and you will see an inverted restaurant. That’s it! By the way, before I forget, if you are bringing your car, make sure it is a Land Rover as their parking is reserved only for Land Rover cars, all other types will be winched. So there, do not tell me I didn’t remind you.
  2. If you have no car, you can take the MRT to Santolan or Cubao station and hail a cab to get to Katipunan Avenue via White Plains.
  3. You may also take the jeepneys with signages "De Castro - Cubao" and get off at Boni Serrano and Katipunan Intersection. Pan de Amerikana is 3-minute walk from there.

the entrance
Jaundiced Confession

The foods are not ambrosial enough. Only if I have been satisfied with what we ordered, I will give Pan de Amerikana a perfect review.  We had tinomok, t-bone steak, dinakdakan, and rice for lunch. My taste bud was not happy with them. Maybe it was just me, or maybe it was the food we ordered, or maybe it was my appetite that day. Well, you cannot expect much for a simple price, right? People who have been in Pan de Amerikana enjoyed the foods they ordered. Mine is a different case. I hope I can prove myself wrong. Good thing I had mango shake.

Relevant Information

Name of the Place: 1950's Pandesal: Pan De Amerikana (Bakery and Restaurant)
Address: 118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
Days and Hours of Operation: Mondays - Saturdays: 8am - 9pm / Sundays: 8am - 3pm
Contact Number: (02) 475-2398

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  1. Parang nakakahilo tingnan haha But it's certainly very interesting. Plays with our perspective.

  2. How do I get there if I'm from binan laguna


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