Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Travel Confession : One Night I Behaved Mischievously

The culprit and the accessory to the crime

That was the name of the beach resort where we spent our first night during our Ilocos Norte getaway. It is located in Brgy. Salugan, Currimao, Ilocos Norte. It is a not-so-fancy nook, neither it offers a breathtaking and overwhelmingly beautiful views.

So why am I writing this blog entry? Because if the world will end on the 21st of December, I don’t wanna be abolished without letting the owner of the resort know that we (me and my sole partner) were there last May and we behaved mischievously and that we are sorry for what we did.

Disregard the second paragraph, I just wrote that because I am watching National Geographic’s “Doomsday” episode and the topic was stuck on my mind. I have to write that just to let go of the thought. Going back to why I am writing a blog post about Subli-Subli Beach Resort, it is because that place is very memorable. Not because of its beauty but because we sneaked there one night, stole two mattresses from their storage room, and slept on one of their air conditioned rooms... without paying.

I knew it! You will despise my confession! I am continuing my story anyway. You can stop right here or you can waste a little more of your time and read my tale. :)

Okay, you opted to read along...

It happened on May 12, 2012. The dark night has embraced the surrounding making it difficult to see things beyond 2 meters. The warm breeze coming from the sea is not helping the two souls wandering around looking for a place to stay for the night. They passed by a group of tricycle drivers and asked them where they can find the cheapest inn; they were directed to Subli-Subli.

It was just around 9PM when they reached Subli-Subli but everyone were already asleep. The only audible sounds were the ones created by insects and the waves slamming the shore. There was no person in the reception to accommodate them. They can stay in one of the cottages but its too dark and mosquitoes are swarming around them. They can’t risk the night for dengue or malaria so they continued searching for someone in the vicinity. They knocked on one of the dilapidated house (inside the resort) and a lady answered, a little annoyed for waking her up. She told them that there’s no more available room and went back to her sack.

That two souls devastated on the night happened to be me and my sole mate. Afraid that we will stay out for the entire night feasted upon by mosquitoes, I dialled a friend’s number who was also in Ilocos that time (we attended a wedding ceremony by the way). We didn’t book a hotel, thinking that there were a lot of inexpensive inns, hostels, or motels in the area. We were wrong. Good thing that when I dialled her number, she told us that they were also booked in Subli-Subli Beach Resort. I asked her shamelessly if we can gate crashed for the night as we have nowhere to go. She said they are three in the room and there are no other bed available. I told her, we’ll just sleep on the floor. She agreed.

I knew then that sleeping on the floor won’t give us a goodnight sleep. So before going to the room where my friend was, I check out the reception area. Beside it is a room. Out of curiosity I tried to open it and to our surprise it was unlocked! We peeked and saw a pile of pillows, blankets and mattresses. Obviously it was their storage room. We stayed at the door entrance for twenty seconds holding our breath in fear that someone might see us. When we got tired of holding our breath, we tiptoed inside the room and took out two mattresses, two pillows, and two blankets and briskly walked towards my friend’s room. We didn't tell them the details on how we got the mattresses and all, we just thank them and told them we will owe them this night forever until eternity. We slept soundly...

When morning came, my friend along with her two friends left for Ilocos Sur. So basically we were left behind, inside our illegally acquired nest. Knowing that resort personnel won’t exactly know who booked what and when. When it was our time to leave, we tucked the mattresses and all under the beds, we returned the key to the resort personnel and off we went. We did that charade quickly and very smoothly. :D

It was a fun experience!
It was great!
It was something to remember forever,
To brag even, that one night, we sneaked and stayed in a beach resort.

How much did we save? :D
Okay, now you can hate me.


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  1. did something like this is boracay- shangrila naman. haha i was just starting to blog that time.

    we look back and remember things like this and we laugh at ourselves. haha

    1. Wow! You did that in Shangrila!!! That indeed took you a lot of courage James idol! :D

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  2. Replies
    1. Can this be considered a way to say, we regret what we did? We will try our best not to do it again. Thank you for dropping by. :)

  3. you did not include in your post where subli-subli will send the bill, ha ha ha

  4. let me know if you need a lawyer hahaha...

  5. Aba aba... this is one thing that made me smiling on this day when the world is believed to end.


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