Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wuthering 2012 - Compilation of the Most Audacious Escape

The year of the water dragon went by swiftly and strongly with a roaring sound. I had experienced thrills and adventures that pushed me a little beyond my usual limitations. There were laughter and tears, ups and downs; indeed a roller-coaster ride of life. 

This year I tried things that brought me total bliss and pride. I am no ashamed to call myself a true “lionheart”; yes, I am taking the bragging rights. Join me as I travel back to the memory lane of adventures, fun, gallantry, and heartaches. Let us relive the moments that were eaten by lost time...

We almost died in Mt. Pulag!

the day after the almost endless night
The night seemed like forever - forever beyond infinity. We took our backpacks and created a wall barrier to somehow lessen the strength of the wind that could waft us anytime. After several excruciating minutes I saw the last group approaching our location. They too radiate an air of weariness and giving up. Some were shivering and unable to talk. They placed themselves with the group and silently, we sat there hoping for a miracle to happen... and it did happen.

Sorry, We Did Not Pay - Ilocos Norte Getaway

the culprit and the accessory to the crime
It happened on May 12, 2012. The dark night has embraced the surrounding making it difficult to see things beyond 2 meters. The warm breeze coming from the sea is not helping the two souls wandering around looking for a place to stay for the night. That two souls happened to be me and my sole partner.

We knocked on one of the dilapidated house (inside the resort) and a lady answered, a little annoyed for waking her up. She told us that there’s no more available room and went back to her sack.

We peeked and saw a pile of pillows, blankets and mattresses. Obviously it was their storage room. We stayed at the door entrance for twenty seconds holding our breath in fear that someone might see us. When we got tired of holding our breath, we tiptoed inside the room and took out two mattresses, two pillows, and two blankets. We then went to one of their air-conditioned rooms and while away the time until morning came.

We left the resort without paying...

We Braved the Rain, We Conquered Mt. Apo

As a Filipino mountaineer being able to step at the highest point of the Philippine archipelago is indeed an achievement. Mt. Apo is known as the Grandfather of all Philippine Mountains measuring 2,954 meters above sea level. Its name resonates in every summit of the country.

at the sulfur area od Mt. Apo
the brave souls

June this year, we submitted and traversed the highest mountain of our country despite the typhoon “Butchoy.” No other people dared to climb the mighty Apo during those days; and thus we owned the mountain for 3 days. ‘Twas a "buwis-buhay climb" as they said. An escape out of lunacy. Only 5 of 16 climbers in our group braved the chilling wind and rain. And we survived - happy and proud!

Danced with the Inmates of Puerto Princesa

Whenever I hear the term “prison,” one thing that comes to my mind is a small suffocating room with bars. It is an obnoxious place of murderers, rapist, and all other kinds of evils.  Prison is a place of convicted people who mostly are bald with yellow teeth and covered with tattoos. That was how I pictured a prison until I danced with the inmates of Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

It was one of the best experiences worth remembering. Touching the lives of people who have been outcasted by society.

Backpacking Legaspi and Sorsogon

When we booked our flight to Legaspi, our primary intention was to summit the world's renowned perfect cone - Mt. Mayon. However, because of the difficulty to find a reliable guide who will not rip off our pockets, we ended up kayaking Bulusan Lake, at the summit of Bulusan Volcano, submerged at the sulfuric healing properties of the water of Mateo Hot and Cold Spring, and in the nest of magnificent Paguriran Island.

Everything went off as they came. We took one step at a time. It was one of the best spur-of-the moment adventure that happened this year.

Believe me, this was taken at the summit of Bulusan Volcano
I dunno what elase can you see on this photo aside from 'having fun'!
kayaking at Bulusan Lake
So there! The snippets of the supposedly very long stories. Those were the moments of triumphs and miscues. The happy memories of 2012 that will forever bring chills to my spine. The sound of nature during those moments have long been part of my being, resounding, wuthering.

Cheers to a fun-filled, adventure-filled, kulet-filled, and full-filled TWENTY TWELVE!



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  1. Extreme experience at Mt. Pulag there. Envies your Mt. Apo trip. I remember going on a trip to Isla Puting Bato hehe


    1. Chỉ thấy cuối thông đạo này chính là bên trong sơn cốc. Trong đó chủ yếu là cỏ dại, nhưng ánh mắt mọi người lập tức nhìn về một chỗ ở phía Tây. Bên trong một đám cây cỏ lộn xộn là một phiến lớn những đoá hoa màu vàng lộ ra.

      Những đoá hoa màu vàng này không chỉ có một vài bông mà là cả một mảnh, chỉ hơi nhìn qua, có không dưới mười đoa đang tranh nhau khoe sắc.
      dong tam mu lậu cho thuê nhà trọ cho thuê nhà trọ nhạc sàn cực mạnh tư vấn pháp luật qua điện thoại công ty luật ở hà nội số điện thoại tư vấn pháp luật dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp
      Bên dưới những đoá hoa này là một đám quả nhỏ hình trứng to bằng đầu một ngón tay. Những quả này có màu vàng nhạt, bên trên còn có không ít những hạt nhỏ lấm tấm. Từ xa nhìn thoáng qua, những thứ này ở cùng một chỗ với nhau như cây nho, cực kỳ bình thường, không có chỗ nào thần kỳ, giống như những quả dại mà thôi.

      - Diệu Kim quả! Quả thực là Diệu Kim quả!
      Sau khi nhìn thấy quả này, đôi mắt của hai tên Trưởng lão của

  2. grabe ang astig ng entry mo :) Sana magawa ko ang pag travel kagaya ng mga pinoy travel bloggers :)

  3. you brave and energetic girl! audacious year indeed! cheers to a more daring 2013 adventures...

  4. Your trips were beyond being intrepid congrats on a fruitful 2012 to you and more to come this 2013 :)

  5. what an awesome collection! i wish someday summit mt apo as well. more more more adventures to come!

  6. Great and exciting experiences. Nai-imagine ko yung moment niyo sa Ilocos getaway. Things like this make traveling a memorable journey.

  7. What a great year in travel! The suspense and drama of Mt. Pulag, the awesomeness of your Ilocos Norte escapade, and hiking up a volcano! Hope to read more about your adventures next year. Cheers!

  8. That sulfur area in Mount Apo is so cool! All the more reason to go there. :) Here's to more awesome travels in 2013!

  9. whoa to a year of adventure! kakatakot nga yung experience niyo sa pulag. pag ganun ang haba kahit isang minuto. good that you were with a good group. the dance video was fun to watch. something not everyone would do on a trip. hehehe...

  10. the video was indeed galing ... hapi new year!

  11. Awesome year for you. Sana makaakyat din ng Mt. Pulag soon. Cheers to more adventures this year :)

  12. I've got high reading your adventures! Mt Pulag palang napa oh my nako, truly you're a mountaineer. Bilib ako sa mga bundokero at bundokera kasi tamad ako umakyat(mabilis hingalin). Ang kulit din ng ilocos trip naiimagine ko talaga hehe. More adventure for you this 2013! Cheers! :)

  13. nice ang galing :) masaya ang nakaraang 2012

  14. "When we got tired of holding our breath, we tiptoed inside the room and took out two mattresses, two pillows, and two blankets."--- lol i would have done that too (given the chance hehe)- Mavic

  15. I can't believe you stayed in the resort without paying, and without getting caught! haha Until now Mt Apo remains an elusive dream for me. I already paid once to join a group to climb there pero napurnada pa. Hay. Maybe someday. Happy new year Missy!

  16. I love this post! I envy your climb to Mt. Pulag and Mt. Apo. What's the story behind the Pulag adventure? I think, it's the "super" cold condition. You had really great travels in 2012! Cheers! :)


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