Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mt. Luho - The Highest Peak of Boracay

Boracay is not only about beaches and bistros. It offers a lot of beautiful views that are often neglected by most. From the white powdery sands, to beautiful islands and diving spots; this most famous tourist spot in the Philippines located in the province of Aklan also boasts a breathtaking view. If you want to see the grandness of the whole island of Boracay, go up to its highest peak - Mt. Luho.

view from the top of Mt. Luho
Mt. Luho is more of a hill than a mountain that stands around 100 MASL (meters above sea level). You do not have to wear trekking shoes or bring climbing equipment to reach its summit. Concrete steps, viewing tower, and walkways were built to make climbing to the observation deck easy and comfortable. From the mountaintop you will be treated with an impressive panoramic view of the whole island of Boracay surrounded by the vast blue ocean.

How to Get There

panoramic shot from the highest peak of Boracay
The best way for me is through tricycle. You can rent one for Php150 (we got ours for Php100) from D’Mall and back. If you do not want to spend, you can try walking although that can really be tiring because the road is kinda steep. You may also try renting a mountain bike or ATV but that can be more costly.

If you have your own service, take the main road and turn right from the Crown Regency Prince Resort. Once you reach the Bulabog Beach (this is the beach where you will see a lot of jet skis, speed boats, and windsurfers) go through and follow the road that points upwards to the left. You will see the “Mt Luho” signage in no time. If you think you’re lost, just ask around, it won’t cost you a dime.

When you get there an entrance fee of Php100.00 should be paid before you go up. Once you reach the top, aside from enjoying the beautiful vantage point of the island, you may also try to ride the zipline or feed the animals in the mini zoo located within the area.

If you are already in Boracay, take some time to visit its highest peak and watch the most beautiful picture of the island.

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