Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Panguil River Eco Park

From a fifth-class municipality, an agricultural town with an annual income of P24 million in 2004, Panguil is now a fourth-class municipality earning close to P50 million a year, P1.75 million of which came from the six-month operation of the Panguil River Eco-Park which opened in June 2010. - lifted from  “An eco-park makes Panguil a famed spot”.

Impressive eh?

I am wondering why Camarines Sur let their Eco Village rot when Laguna can make a living out of the simple river. I have been to both places and I can see that Eco Village can offer better sceneries than Panguil River Eco Park, only the former is rotting and no one (not even the local government) seems to care about it.

Anyway, this article will discuss about the Panguil River Eco Park, the attraction that improves the status of the municipality from fifth to fourth class within just 6 months of operation.

the hanging bridge that leads to the other side of the river
view from the hanging bridge
This Eco Park in Paguil is 3-hour drive from Metro Manila. I can say that the place is a good weekend getaway for people looking for a refreshing view for an entrance fee of Php60 per person (rate is lower of local residents). It has 20 cottages (Php200 each) by the riverbanks which are perfect for picnic. Each can accommodate 6 - 10 people. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing bath at the cold water of the river which was converted to a watershed. There is also a pavilion at the center of the park which can be a good location for events such as wedding receptions, debuts, large meetings, team building activities, eco-camping, and others. The place has a police station, administration building, souvenir shop, shower rooms, and restrooms for the convenience of tourist.  

refreshing bath
the visitors of the watershed
The forested area makes the surrounding somewhat luscious and nice to look at, except for some litters from campers and visitors. If you want to do a little adventure, you can opt to trek to Ambon Ambon Falls, the highlight of the Eco Par. The rate is Php60 per person for a minimum of 6 people. We did not take advantage of this since it was just me and my sole partner. It will cost us much if we pay for the remaining 4 people just to complete the batch.

Another activity you can try is the water tubing that the park offers.

The Panguil River Eco Park has a beauty of its own that I cannot appreciate ( I am sorry for this ). Like the La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City, I personally do not like the place as the crowd tends to flock in the area specially during weekends. The accumulation of thrashes and food leftovers from visitors are unlikely sight. But well, maybe I really cannot expect much from local and public parks. Besides, I haven’t gone to its real gem - the Ambon-Ambon falls, so maybe I am not in a right position to give a review.

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  1. looks like a great place to hang out! and cheap too! I miss the days when i would spend weekends with relatives in affordable places like these.

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  2. This sure was a very exciting trip! I hope to be in this place someday too. It was nice to drop by your blog!

  3. good place for hang-out. thanks for sharing, will add this to my list

  4. Siguro mas okay to pag di weekend. I think this is a good place to practice landscape photography rin during sunrise or sunset :)

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