Friday, January 4, 2013

Scribbles for the Snake

Hello 2013!

This year of the snake I will travel less!

Ironic that a person who calls herself a true blooded explorer will start trimming down her travel escapades. Ahhhhhhhhhh :(

There is a really big reason behind that serious claim and that is because this year - I’m gonna get married!

I am pretty sure that anyone will understand that when it comes to a glorious ceremony like marriage a bride should be ready holistically.

  • I should be fair on my wedding day. Give me that day. I do not regret having an ebony skin but dude, my camera’s autofocus can no longer detect me in a dim light. Tell me I shouldn't bother. But seriously! I do not want to be a pain in the ass to photographers who will cover our special day. Besides, wedding happens only once in a lifetime, maybe I should have the right to be pretty and all.
  • Wedding is an expensive pursuit; so yes, I will be needing every single cent to help my husband-to-be in covering the expenses. I cannot share much, but I will definitely share. Because I believe that a lady that relies to a man financially is looking for trouble. I do not like being in trouble.
  • Preparation for wedding requires too much effort and time, things that I cannot do when I am traveling full time. So yes, I cannot travel as often when I do not have enough time.

But before all of these things to happen, I have yet to convince my beau to marry me! (laugh out loud)

Until then...

This year of the snake I will travel less more while spending less.

The primary changes that will happen on my travel spree are the following:

  • less mountain, more seas
  • less hiking, more on free diving,
  • will organise lesser group trip, more on solo and escapes with my beau.
  • I think the highlight of this year’s changes is that I decided to give this blog a FACE! If you will notice (I know you won’t) I prefer to keep my identity a secret until late last year mainly because to travel incognito is magical. In time though, I found it difficult to promote this travel online diary by hiding on a faceless mask. So henceforth, I will let each and every reader of this blog know that the words written here are coming from the brain of a person named Missy. Before, I do not upload photos that have my lovely countenance; but I will now. Cheers!

After Thoughts

According to wiki a New Year's resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit.

I am not doing any commitment because I always end up eating my words.
One thing is for sure though - I will continue to measure the world with my soles

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  1. :-) Hi Sole Pendulum...nice meeting you online. Who know we can meet along the way...:-) Cheers to you!

  2. Hi Missy! You almost had me there, really thought you were getting married! LOL! But what do we know, maybe?? :D

    Cheers to more travels to 2013! Hoping to meet you soon! ^^,

  3. Great post to start the new year, and I am so happy that you are getting married this year (positive / with prayers)! God bless and Happy travels this 2013! :)

  4. Whether you get married or not, it's "best wishes", I would say. At least, for the travel plans. :)

  5. This made me laugh. =) Cheers to your travels this year! And if you do plan to marry, I hope you find an adventurer like you too - or at least, someone who understands. ;-)

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  7. you got me there!hahaha. i could relate because i am really getting married this year so most of my travels before the wedding are mostly road trips around the country with my bf driving and business trips. i reserved all trips by plane after the wedding for honeymoon,and all the firsts "occasions" trips as a couple like celebrating birthdays together, etc.


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