Friday, January 11, 2013

The Endangered Sunset of Manila Bay

Sunset is magical.
It can bring enlightenment to a confused soul.
It brings hope to the hopeless.
It cheers those who are in melancholic state.

There is always something good about sunset.
It is a reminder that everything comes to an end.
It is a promise of tomorrow; an expectation of morrow.
Sunset is a breath of life, a painting of love, a work of God.

With all the things provided above, sunset therefore should be and must be free to everyone!

Will you let this sunset fade forever?
For Filipinos, a sunset can sometimes be synonymous with Manila Bay. When you ask someone about Manila bay, it is definite that the reply includes “it has the best sunset”. If you are in the Philippine territory and you ask a local on where you can catch a glimpse of a best sunset, there is a high probability that you will be directed to Roxas Boulevard.

Indeed Filipinos are very lucky to have one of the best sunsets in the whole world. It is being showcased by the nature at the horizon of Manila Bay everyday during dusk. It is free for everyone. However, if Manila Goldcoast Development Corporation succeeded on their plan for the reclamation of entire Manila Bay, this beautiful nature show will only be available to elite and selected individuals.  The reclamation will block the view of the beautiful sunset from Malate to Ermita and the waterfront that we are enjoying now will no longer be available in the near future.

If you think this change is for the better good of the general populace, its okay to keep mum. Maybe the best thing you can do now is to take a photo of the spectacular sunset and frame it for the future generation to enjoy.
HOWEVER, if you think that everyone deserves to see for themselves the exquisite beauty of nature, do a little effort to save the precious sunset. Sign the petition and be part of the promise of tomorrow by keeping the rays of hope of the people. I just did! :D

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