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The Beautiful Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

I had been receiving invitations to Hundred Islands for some time now, but I never took them seriously. Being one of the most prominent tourist spots in the Philippines, I have this connotation that the place has already been exploited and there is just a slim chance that I will like it. I have this unfair notion that it is not worth the five-hour travel time.

One weekend, however, I found myself at the top of Governor’s Island, impressed and awestricken with the magnificent beauty of Hundred Islands. What motivated me to finally visit the said place? Read on…

While searching the internet for the best places to go in Pangasinan, me and my sole partner came across this blog article featuring Tondol Beach in Anda, Pangasinan. The article states it is the most beautiful beach in the province. The photos on the blog are so amazing that we decided to check out the place to satisfy our curiosity. We packed our bags that night and travelled up north to where the said beach is located. When we arrived, we were disappointed. It was beautiful, but not what we expected. (Read the full story of our Tondol Beach getaway)

After spending roughly 6 hours in Tondol beach, we just decided to go to Hundred Islands instead since Alaminos (the town where Hundred Islands is located) is just 30 minutes away from Anda. We knew at that time that it was the best and most feasible option we had. Besides, it will not hurt to take advantage of the proximity and visit a famous location when you are already in the vicinity right? So there, we hopped in a jeepney from Anda to Alaminos with a plan to spend the night in one of the islands there.

The Hundred Islands

view from the peak of Governor's Island
The place is beautiful! That I can say with confidence. Let the photos below speak of its grandeur.

Cuenco Island and its cave
one of the resting places in Governor's Islands
the PBB house in Governor's Island
 Bat Island; need not to argue :)
Tourists may flock in the said place but you can see the effort of the government in preserving it. However, the effort seems not enough as there were islands where thrashes were abundant specially the Old East Out where we spent the night. Trashes were everywhere, it’s a saddening fact. For more prominent islands like the Governors’, Quezon, and Children’s (only islands that are developed for tourists) there are utility people who maintain the cleanliness; and the effort they exert in doing so is really difficult.

There are a lot of activities you can do in Hundred Islands and some of the things you must try are as follows:

·         Cliff jumping in Marcos Island (20 feet high)
·         Trek to the peak Governor’s Island and enjoy the unobstructed magnificent view of the park.
·         Aside from the beauty of the islands themselves, the park also has a very rich marine life so diving or snorkeling would be great.

Projected Expenses

Bus from Manila to Anda (our first destination for Tondol beach)
Php 442
Jeep  from Anda to Alaminos (where hundred Islands is located)
Php 23
Tricycle from Alaminos Market to Pier (Brgy. Lucap)
Boat (overnight) with island hopping
Php 1,400

The fare rate is cheaper if you will take bus from Manila bound to Alaminos. Yes, you can go directly to Alaminos. The above information is based on our itinerary.

Helpful Guide

As of April 2012, the tourism office (of hundred Islands has set standard boat rates

·         Day Tour (with Php20 entrance fee / head)
Small Boat (1 to 5 persons) – Php800
Medium Boat (6 to 10 persons) – Php1,000
Big Boat (11 to 15 persons) – Php1,100

·         Overnight (With P40 entrance fee / head)
Small Boat (1 to 5 persons) – Php1,400
Medium Boat (6 to 10 persons) – Php1,800
Big Boat (11 to 15 persons) – Php2,000

Tourism Office at (75) 551 -2145 or (75) 551- 2505 or email at hinp.to@gmail.com

Travel Tips 
  • If you will have to stay overnight in one of the islands, the rate of the boat will be doubled. To save, you can do the island hopping during the day and stay overnight in other resorts or local inns.
  • Bring your foods and water as these basic commodities are really expensive in the islands. Buy your commodities in the public market if possible before your tour.
  • If you have snorkeling mask and fins, bring them. Rental is Php100 per day and not advisable for hygiene purposes.
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  1. No words can express the beauty of the islands! great photos!

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