Sunday, March 10, 2013

For The Sake of Travel

“How can you manage to travel?” - This probably is the most common question I get from my readers which the answer I have already mastered in time. I will say, be passionate about it and the universe will conspire. (Coelho influenced)

When I embraced travelling as part of my existence, it did not just happen overnight. It was a process of accepting new things and letting go of some things I have already been used to. Let me tell you some of the things, both material and immaterial, that I had to sacrifice just so I can hit the road.

  • I have to “pass” on the usual Starbucks meet-ups with friends because 150 pesos can be my next budget for accommodation when I go out of town.
  • Shopping was downgraded from once a month to none for 6 months. I am no lover of shopping malls, so doing this thing is not much of a sacrifice.
  • No more metro bars. In fact, I am having a hard time recalling the last time I stepped inside a dark ale house. This thing I miss sometimes, but well, if I will be spending some dime over margarita shots, I’d rather do it in bars of Boracay, or Puerto Galera, or Malapascua; any bar/s by the sea shore where I can hear the ocean waves mixing with modern music; not city noise and corner murmurs.
  • I gave up my beautiful comfy room. If I am to give figures about my life and whereabouts I can say that I spend 20 percent at home, 30 percent on the road, and 50 percent somewhere else. I have a nice looking room where I can sleep soundly, but for some reason it cannot motivate me to stay. I’d rather sleep on airport lounge, hammock by the sea, dilapidated bunk house, mountain slope, crowded skimpy hostel; heaven knows what else.
  • I resigned from work. If that is not too much of a sacrifice, then I dunno what else you can call that. I left my work and started accepting freelance jobs so I can get rid of things and people that seem to get in my way. I will not say this is easy, but I will say that this is possible.

Were you able to get the nitty-gritty of what I am rambling here about?

I want to reiterate that everyone has the ability to travel, but not everyone is really willing to travel. It is just a matter of making a solid decision and letting go of some things you really do not need. Yes, there are things (tangible or not) you think you need, but you really don’t.

When you take a new road, you’re leaving behind some footprints.
When you embrace a new passion, you are also embracing changes.
When you try new activities, you have to let go of others.
Unless you can manage everything at once, you have to graduate from something.

Do not deprive yourself of the beauty of the world.
Keep on travelling! :D


This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of March with the theme
“Things you graduated from after becoming a traveler”. It is hosted by Kaiz Galang of Miss Backpacker.
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  1. Congratulations Graduate!

    Sole of Missy - Bachelor Science in Travel Management

  2. aaww, we didnt realize we happily gave up those things all for the love of travel. =) sana nakajoin ako ng carnival na to..


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