Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wawa Dam and its Exploited Beauty

The Place

From afar you will see a barrier that impounds a vast volume of water from the towering mountains and underground streams. From there emanates a melancholic wailing sound of disgust and fear.

The dam. Isn't she beautiful?
This is Wawa Dam - beautiful but exploited place situated in Montalban (Rodriguez), Rizal; few kilometers North of Metro Manila. The dam holds not only the water from up and below the earth but also the history of times. It was created to serve the water needs of Metropolitan Manila but its role was neglected when Angat Dam was built. Now abandoned, tortured, and taken advantage of, the dam is still trying with all his might to keep the beauty that once made him famous.

The transformation was heart-breaking. I haven’t seen it before but I can imagine how it looks like in yesteryears. The two mountains overshadowing it, the foliage around, the gargantuan boulders and rocks; everything is magnificent. Minus all the thrashes and hundreds of cottages scattered everywhere, the place can sing a glorious song of infinite beauty. But no, the superficial activities of human have scourged the place, provided it with an aura of plagues. Informal settlers who inhabited the area are rampantly neglecting environmental preservation.

cottages everywhere...

I hope there is still hope for Wawa Dam.
I hope the LGU of Rizal and the country as a whole will see the significance of the place from where they stripped the significance from.
May its beauty be enough for it to salvage itself.
May it have enough strength to live another day against human destruction.
May it continue to serve its purpose even if its purpose has already been taken out from it.
May the Wawa Dam live and may its beauty never fade…

How to Get to Wawa Dam

Via Private Transportation

From Cubao

1.       Take Aurora Boulevard going to Marcos Highway.
2.       After Katipunan, go up the flyover. Keep going until you reach A. Bonifacio Ave in Marikina.
3.       Cross the bridge of Marikina River and then turn left to J.P. Rizal Street.
4.        Just keep going the end of the road will be Wawa Dam, Montalban.

Via Public Transportation

1.       From Cubao take an FX or a jeepney bound to Montalban Rizal and take off at Eastwood, Montalban.
2.       From Eastwood take another jeepneythat is bound to Wawa Dam.

Projected Expenses

FX or Jeepney from Cubao to Eastwood Montalban
Php50.00 orPhp28.00 x 2
Jeepney from Eastwood, Montalban to Wawa Dam
Php8.00 x 2
Entrance Fee
Cottage Rental
Parking Fee

The total expenses will depend on the mode and kind of transportation you prefer. Please do the math.

Travel Tips / Activities

·         Best time to go to this place is from January - June.
·         In Cubao, the terminal of FX bound to Eastwood, Montalban is located in front of Jollibee Farmers Plaza along Aurora Boulevard.
·         A cheaper but hassle alternative is by taking a jeepney bound to Eastwood, Montalban, also in front of Jollibee Cubao.
·         Jeepneys and tricycles are available 24 hours.
·         There are sari-sari stores and carenderias around the area, so looking for primary commodities will not be a problem.
·         If you want other activities aside from dipping and swimming, you may try spelunking/caving and rock climbing. Just make sure that you have all necessary equipment such as flashlight, hiking boots, ropes, and rock climbing shoes if you plan to do these alternative activities. It’s also great to do hiking and trail running in the area. Just go to the tourism office and ask for guidelines, fees, and guides if you feel like doing such.
gargantuan, gigantic, biiiiiiiiiiig boulders
I am coming back to this place to check out this cave :)
Example Itinerary

0700 AMLeave Cubao. Ride a jeep/FX bound to Eastwood, Montalban.
0900 AM Arrival in Eastwood. Buy provisions. Wait for another jeep bound to Wawa Dam.
0930 AM Arrival in Wawa Dam. Look for a cottage to rent. Explore the place.
1200 NN Lunch
0100 PM Wash up and pack up
0130 PM Ride a jeepney bound to Eastwood, Montalban
0145 PM Wait for FX/Jeepney bound to Cubao
0330 PM Arrival in Cubao

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  1. I agree the LGU must be proactive in keeping this place clean. It'd be such a pity if the pollution worsens!

  2. hahahaha iwan ko lang Aleah pagsasabong yata at pag alaga ng manok ang inatupag ng Mayor ng Montalban!


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