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Travel Guide: Kawasan Falls (Cebu)

The Falls

Kawasan is the most famous falls in the province of Cebu. It is located in the town of Badian, 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. Kawasan is a beautiful gift of nature where someone can enjoy an invigorating bath. The rushing icey cold water coming from the highland brings a chilling yet very refreshing sensation to the body.

The Kawasan Falls is a three-tiered cascade waterfalls with azure-colored water at the basin. The first waterfalls is the largest of the three. It is where the amenities are located. The beauty of the place continues beyond that area.  An uphill climb for  roughly fifteen minutes will take you to the second falls. Continue climbing until you reach the third and highest accessible point of Kawasan Falls. It is called Kabukalan which means "The Source" where you can see the water gushing from the cave and creeping through the stones. Climbing up to Kabukalan or the third falls is more challenging.
Falls are indeed beautiful creation of nature, and Kawasan has one of the most mesmerizing view. It looks so beautiful that you will find yourself staring at it several times while you are there. The sound that it creates is enough to drown the loud conversation from the crowd, converting them into muffled sighs.

The next time you visit Cebu, make sure that you check out this place.  

How to Get to Kawasan Falls
Location: Barangay Matutinao, Badian Cebu

  • Private Transportation

  1. Head south on Vicente Rama Avenue  toward Chu Un Temple Driveway
  2. Turn right onto N. Bacalso Avenue
  3. Keep left at the fork and merge onto Mambaling Flyover
  4. Keep right at the fork and merge when you reach Cebu South Road
  5. Sharp right onto Cebu South Rd/Natalio B. Bacalso South National Highway
  6. Continue to follow Natalio B. Bacalso South National Hwy.
  7. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Carcar-Barili Road
  8. Take the National Highway until you reach the town of Dumanjug.
  9. Continue driving you will pass by two more towns, Ronda and Moalboal until you finally reach Badian.

  • Public Transportation

  1. Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and ride a bus bound to Badian or Moalboal. It will take 3 - 4 hours travel to reach Brgy. Matutinao in Badian where Kawasan Falls is located.
  2. Alight the bus when you reach Badian and see the Matutinao Church.
  3. From there, you can start trekking to Kawasan Falls. It is 1.5 km away from the highway, 15-30 minutes trek.

* Kawasan Falls can also be accessed by traversing from Osmena Peak, the highest peak of the province. This option however is a little challenging as it requires a day of trekking in an uneven and rough terrain.

Projected Expenses

Bus from Cebu City
Php130 one way (Ceres Bus non-aircon)
Entrance Fee
Room Rates
Php1,500 - Php3,000
Table with chairs and umbrella
Cottages with tables
Wooden Raft
Php300 - can take up to 15 people
Life jacket rental
Parking Fee

* Do not worry too much about the figures above. Your expenses will always depend on your preferences. When we went there, aside from the bus fare, we only spent Php10 for the entrance fee. That’s all. We didn’t rent anything, we just squat there. See it can be really cheap!

Travel Tips

  • There is no corkage fee in Kawasan so might as well bring your own food because ready to eat foods that they sell in the area is a bit overpriced.
  • The wooden raft that they rent out for Php300 brings people to the falling water of the falls for a shower massage. I haven’t tried this, but I guess it’s really fun! Try it and share to me your experience. Aja!
  • The pathway back is very dark once the sun sets so its best to bring a flashlight. You should be extra careful in going down the slope especially the one descending from the second or third falls to avoid mishaps or accidents.
  • Explore the place! We failed to do that last time because it was raining hard when we went to Kawasan. We only reach the first waterfalls and stay there for a couple of hours.
  • Badian is also known for beautiful white sand beaches, try to check them as well.
  • There are locals offering guide and porter services but you do not need them unless you are carrying 20 kilograms of loads. Just follow the clear trail that leads to the falls. There is no chance of getting lost. You may also ask locals of the way when you are not sure. It is a fun walk with great views so don’t worry. You will definitely enjoy the trek. If you plan to go to the second and third falls however, it is suggested that you get a guide for your security and protection as the trek uphill can be a little challenging.

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